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For information on the pricing campaign, see "Activists Say New HIV Drug Price Encouraging," by Tim Horn, Also see the lead article in the latest issue of Project Inform Perspective, (published before the price was set), (Do not write to Tibotec as directed; that campaign is over as the company has already announced a price much lower than what was feared.
Pricing effectively begins with adopting the mantra that "pricing is all about value." Companies tend to base their prices on costs, instead of the value that customers reap from a product or service.
While often presenting pricing strategies and considerations in the enigmatic way of Eastern thought, Marlene also offers up innumerable examples of the most-effective pricing tactics and practical ideas for increasing your profits.
Detailed information issued regularly is essential to monitor changes in pricing, policy terms and conditions, the nature and quality of accounts written and financial results.
All too often, pricing comparisons are incorrectly made between the price of a disk drive and a tape drive.
The OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and Tax Administrations, especially the guidance in Chapter 5 relating to documentation, provides a useful model for such multilateral agreements.
This famous revolutionary treatise, published in 1848, by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, still wields considerable power over the world's political systems, American universities and even the professional's pricing strategies.
Since its entry into the category last winter, Ezonics has quickly gained market share on the basis of its aggressively low pricing. Kensington, which only entered the market in October, leapt to fifth place in November, with 5.3 percent unit share and an average price of $59.
These organizations will indeed shake up this sedate and minimally price-sensitive market by bringing investment capital, technology, new performance standards and rock-bottom pricing into the mix.
Even if you don't belong to membership purchasing clubs, you can seek out research organizations for pricing information.