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Pricing effectively begins with adopting the mantra that "pricing is all about value.
He adds that HDPE and PET pricing has been heating up for more than a year.
While often presenting pricing strategies and considerations in the enigmatic way of Eastern thought, Marlene also offers up innumerable examples of the most-effective pricing tactics and practical ideas for increasing your profits.
Economists have derived useful formulas describing the pricing of liquid assets, such as the Black-Scholes option pricing formula, but they have found that deriving expressions for the pricing of illiquid assets is more difficult.
To compare tape and disk pricing accurately, the prices for working subsystems must be used.
One method that has been adopted to implement value pricing is the fixed price agreement.
Also included is a statutory requirement that transactional transfer prices be described in a materially "complete and accurate" manner in contemporaneous documentation, prepared when pricing determinations are made, that analyzes these determinations with reference to the corporate organizational, functional, and economic context in which transactions occur.
The proposed amendments would also impose documentation requirements and stiff penalties for taxpayers that failed to make reasonable efforts to document their transfer pricing practices.
1: Failure to quantify the severity of a low pricing problem.