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If the needle had been used only a couple of hours before Shanai was pricked by it, then the virus could have been still live.
For inoculation, fungal mycelium was transferred from the actively grown edges of the colony and inoculated on the incision given on the rhizomes and on the pin pricked area.
Seedlings suffer less root damage and become established more quickly if they are pricked out as soon as they are large enough to handle.
They then applied the pieces to the underside of the patients' forearms, and pricked the skin through the patches with Greer DermaPIKs.
Summary: Keeping tab of your blood glucose without giving a blood sample may be the answer for thousands of people who hate being pricked for a diabetes test.
When he was clear, he pricked his ears and backed off.
1 : to point upward <The horse pricked up its ears.
In 2001 the WSIB recorded more than 2,000 claims by workers who have been pricked with potentially hazardous hypodermic needles as opposed to less than 30 similar WSIB claims in the early 1990's.
WOODLAND HILLS - The parents of a Serrania Elementary School student, who was pricked by a syringe needle in a soda can during a recycling fund-raiser on campus, have filed a claim against the Los Angeles Unified School District.
A PLUMBER who thought about suicide after being pricked by a junkie's needle is demanding pounds 20,000 compensation.