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It is for this reason that Pricker advocates developing a reflexive, critical, testimonial sensibility.
That's why it's in the catalogue, along with rainbow makers and stainless-steel egg prickers for all the other members of the family who are awkward to buy for.
Briery Hill had run out on a bend at Aspatria recently, but the fitting of a different bit, together with a pricker by trainer Hector Barnfather did the trick in the two-and-a-half-mile maiden.
Now approaching 60, the author, columnist, broadcaster and humorist, devilish pricker of the Establishment's conscience, has a lifetime of carefully chosen words under his belt.
Step beneath the Royal Mile to unearth the real stories and villainous characters of the Scottish capital's murky past, including Kincaid the Witch Pricker and body snatcher William Burke.
Llewellyn's pre-race fears over Beau's tendency to jump to the left were borne out, even with a pricker on the left side of his bit, making his runaway victory all the more worthy.
Fart powder, itching powder, stink bombs, plastic dog turds and the famous whoopee cushion (probably the greatest pricker of pomposity ever invented).
They have been taken out and we also tried him in a pricker and different bit tonight.
We used a pricker to try and keep her straight today but it didn't work.
We cannot wear them very far from our house due to thorns, prickers and black locust needles.