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The first warning Sheldon had of the other's growing interest in the girl was when Tudor eased down and finally ceased pricking him with his habitual sharpness of quip and speech.
And as he rolled, and felt sharp teeth pricking him, he snapped and snarled, alternating snarls with whimperings and squallings of terror, pain, and abject humility.
Michael sat on his haunches, the length of his lower jaw resting on Daughtry's knee, the while his eyes dilated, contracted and glowed, his ears ever pricking and repricking to listen, his stump tail thumping ecstatically on the floor.
In spite of himself and all the pricking warnings of his instinct, White Fang began to have confidence in this god.
Come, Rosy, tell us a story while we work, for you can't help much, and must amuse us as your share," proposed Mac, who sat in the shade pricking nuts, and who knew by experience what a capital little Scheherazade his cousin was.
Presently his captors discovered that he was conscious, and as they had little stomach for carrying a heavy man through the jungle heat, they set him upon his feet and forced him forward among them, pricking him now and then with their spears, yet with every manifestation of the superstitious awe in which they held him.
Our customers told us that the pain, inconvenience and indiscretion of finger pricking were the key reasons they weren't managing their diabetes as well as they should.
Instead of pricking out you can then thin the seedlings by pulling out the excess and discarding them.
Throughout our lives, we repeatedly experience that needles cause pain when pricking our skin, but situational expectations, like information given by the clinician prior to an injection, may also influence how viewing needle pricks affects pain," said lead author Marion Hofle, a doctoral student in the research Multisensory Integration group led by Dr.
A new product launched at the Arab Health exhibition uses pulse wave data, eliminating the painful needle pricking procedure for a blood sample, to check for blood sugar levels.
He has a habit of pricking his ears and easing off in races, which he did in the Kahayla Classic.
A COUNCIL contractor said yesterday he was "living a nightmare" after pricking his finger on a syringe left in a recycling box.