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After pricking out, water the seedlings with a Cheshunt compound to help prevent damping-off disease.
After 50 minutes, GluCall gives a beeping sound signaling the user to input his or her blood sample for glucose reading, using the conventional pricking method.
12 for acting indecently toward a high school girl and pricking her with a needle was sentenced to one year of labor reform, said the report.
I still go back to the cells and the individual pricking out, making a large hole to ensure the entire root systems drop down.
Muhammad Arshad, Marketing Manager Otsuka Pakistan stated that we are playing our role as corporate citizen and Otsuka have designed IV bottles which do not need pricking.
Pricking out, transferring seedlings from their original container to another one where they have more room to develop, is a delicate operation.
A new product launched at the Arab Health exhibition uses pulse wave data, eliminating the painful needle pricking procedure for a blood sample, to check for blood sugar levels.
1 : an act of pricking painfully usually with a sharp or poisonous stinger <a bee's sting>
KEEN gardener Jeanne Harris died from a flesh-eating infection after pricking her finger on a rose, an inquest heard yesterday.
In Pakistan pricking of IV bottles is one of the major causative factors for the spread of Hepatitis which has now become an epidemic.