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Likelihood also prevails that cases of heat cramps, heat syncope, prickly heat, sunburn, heatstroke and other summer diseases like diarrhoea, dysentery, cholera, gastro, typhoid and hepatitis A&E may increase with rising temperature, she maintained.
The portal focuses on several health-related issues such as heat stress, prickly heat, heat cramps, dehydration, heat exhaustion and more seriously, heat strokes.
PRICKLY HEAT OCCURS when the sweat glands become clogged and sweat becomes trapped beneath the skin.
Also known as heat rash, or miliaria, prickly heat is an itchy and red skin rash which often causes a stinging, or prickling, sensation.
Those childhood days are now long past, but I'll never forget those tasty treats in summer's prickly heat.
It all happened so quickly - she'd said about having prickly heat and swollen glands but we all thought it was a bad cold, nothing major," said former Newport full-back Keith, 59, who was capped 10 times for Wales before a stroke cut short his career.
Prickly heat: Contrary to popular belief,, prickly heat has nothing to do with the sun but is an allergic reaction to sweat leaking from blocked pores into surrounding tissues.
Casino Royale is in its fifth week of production and Craig, 37, recently hit the headlines after suffering from prickly heat while filming in the Bahamas.
My darling, my little baby girl, Poppy sighs, the notion a cool, sun-washed breeze across the back of his neck, now starting to simmer with an itch, maybe prickly heat,
Prickly heat is caused by excessive perspiration that damages cells lining the ducts from the sweat glands to the skin surface.