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I can picture it taking pride of place in an office, car, or student's flat.
The portraits will be given pride of place in the council's headquarters in Ystrad Mynach.
And pride of place went to Clive Everton for this little gem: "Shaun Murphy will be a happy man tonight, going home with the world championship trophy and a cheque for pounds 250,000 .
The raising to life of Lazarus becomes, for Cote, a metaphor for raising the imagination to pride of place among the mental faculties to the extent that it supposedly becomes our "natural inborn faculty for transcendence.
Flowers, shrubs and trees that provide the local fauna with food, cover or a place to raise their babies were given pride of place.
The minivan went from being the vehicle of choice among suburbanites to a somewhat homely cliche, ceding pride of place to SUVs.
Not that he ever wanted to call it that: Joe Goode remembers how assiduously Hopps searched to avoid a term he associated with the ambitious English theorizing of Richard Hamilton and Lawrence Alloway--one that gave pride of place to mass-produced consumer goods over the unique object of art.
But the Giants do not yield pride of place on this topic.
Also pride of place on the bookshelf is Maya Angelou's Still I Rise which she quoted at her adoption meeting when seeking to represent Hackney North in 1987.
This new breed of reference book would "raise awareness of the importance of geographical roots and foster pride of place," says William Ferris, former chairman of NEH.
Pride of place goes, however, to the Maison du Peuple in Clichy (architects Beaudouin and Lods) with its astonishing retractable floor and advanced curtain wall system.
Because dance is a body-centered art, sex as a metaphor takes pride of place in much choreography, and so, with the reality of homosexuality taking its rightful place as yet another choice available to the human psyche, how performers touch will be more important than who does the touching.