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There More emphasizes the importance of joining the common faith "of all Crystes chyrche / whiche can neuer arre in any substancyall poynt [that] god wolde haue VS bounden to byleue," rather than take the risk of pridefully following one's own, individual wits (1981, 153).
Canadians think of it equally pridefully as a war of defence in which their brave fathers, side by side, turned back the massed might of the United States and saved the country from conquest.
at the end of our week, we had whipped into shape a bill that we felt, pridefully, should be presented to Congress.
Justice Tasadduq Hussain Jilani observed federation had said pridefully that it was not supporting NRO.
For Sauron as a result becomes a figure of the defective Reader--the type that cannot understand events in the world around him because the signs he needs to read the most are the ones about which he is pridefully ignorant or neglectful.
Those who pridefully held their heads high in the world are now doubled over, unable even to look Dante in the face (Purg.
I find it helpful regularly to remind myself of this truth, because we know from Genesis 1-11 and our own experience how prone we are pridefully to exalt the human aspect of our institutions as rivals to God (see the Babel narrative).
There was a contest, of sorts, between the firefighters of Engine 4 and Engine 10, with each company pridefully vying to be the first at a fire scene.