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I never can make out what you mean by a prig," said Rosamond.
But a prig is a fellow who is always making you a present of his opinions.
I beg your pardon: correct English is the slang of prigs who write history and essays.
Milton was never, however, a conventional prig, and a quarrel with a self-important tutor led at one time to his informal suspension from the University.
Northerton now winked on Adderly, and whispered to him slily, "Smoke the prig, Adderly, smoke him.
For her woman's eyes, which Love had made sharp-sighted, had in one instant discovered a secret which was invisible to Miss Crawley, to poor virgin Briggs, and above all, to the stupid peepers of that young whiskered prig, Lieutenant Osborne.
If father was determined to make me either a Prig or a Mule, and I am not a Prig, why, it stands to reason, I must be a Mule.
The dear old lady need n't have felt anxious, for such excessive virtue does n't last long enough to lead to translation, except with little prigs in the goody story-books; and no sooner was Tom on his legs again, when the whole party went astray, and much tribulation was the consequence.
I've spoken to Sally Bercow a few times in the last couple years and she, like everyone else who knows her husband, is aware that not only has the Speaker's job given him an inflated sense of his own importance, it's turned him into an arrogant, conceited prig of a man who likes to be tended to by flunkeys and imagines what he does equates to who he is.
Everything is given a heat rating, and there are helpful recommendations of the signature dishes and recommendations of the month - the fried salmon, minced prawns, chilli, peppercorns and basil (or Pla Salmon Tud Kub Koong Sab Prig Thai Orn if you're feeling adventurous) is just beautiful.
A stuck-up, self-important prig with a beard" - Selfdescription by broadcaster Michael Buerk, who has entered the I'm A Celebrity .
Joe" would be Josephus Daniels, who was appointed Secretary of the Navy by the notorious prig, Woodrow Wilson.