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As she prepares to celebrate the opening of an orphanage in the name of her successful husband, her artist son Osvald arrives from Paris, and her old friend, the priggish clergyman Pastor Manders comes to join the celebrations.
Her disinterested husband, priggish son and appalling sister-in-law do nothing to help her make her life meaningful.
While the comic-romantic relief in the Twelfth Night revolves round mistaken identity, a silly squire, a lovelorn duke and a pompous, priggish steward, the romantic-comic roles in season seven of the IPL are played out by a multitude of actors in contrasting styles and contexts: heroes of today turn villains and jokers of tomorrow, and you hold back your feelings not knowing whether to laugh or cry or do both at the same time.
It can't help that we have an Education Secretary who appears to be widely reviled and seen as hellbent on a priggish mission to drain every grain of joy and satisfaction from teaching and learning alike.
Davis is a jerk, a loser, preening and priggish, a leech and a bore, a fuck-up and a bully.
When John Grigg, Baron Altrincham, wrote that the Queen was "unable to string a few sentences together, her personality that of a priggish schoolgirl captain of the hockey team," he was, honest, kicked down the steps of his club by "an Empire loyalist" and spat at in the street.
On the negative side it is also associated with fatalism, a tendency to disproportionate responses when loyalty is betrayed and a general sense of 'control freakery' that can, in extreme cases, emerge as very authoritarian or possibly priggish.
Warm up for Valentine's Day with Twelfth Night, Shakespeare's romcom about twins in disguise, unexpected relationship turns and a priggish butler who gets served his just desserts.
A priggish, gullible, British fool" - Lord (Conrad) Black, former owner of The Daily Telegraph, takes a swipe at TV's Jeremy Paxman.
The real enemy in this matter is neither the priggish organic obsessive nor the nanny-state nabob nor the farmer's-market fussbudget.
priggish Charlotte - viewers (notably the many women who belonged to similarly intimate groups) were warmed by the characters' invariable protection of each others' backs when the chips were down.
The vain Graham and his priggish mother seem destined to get their comeuppance, but Mrs.