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But Cannadine contends that one can find certain saving graces, for all their punctuation by moments of priggishness or inflexibility.
There is happily little in my argument that intersects with Devlin's brand of moral priggishness.
And it will be sheer priggishness to insist that all such behaviour patterns are irrational because they are ethical.
James comes across in a series of layers, each a refinement over the last: we glimpse his tact, his gentility, his priggishness at times, his sly humor at other times, his inability to escape childhood resentments, and his fears that he may have been responsible for the deaths of Minnie Temple and Constance Woolson--all marvelously done.
I wonder if it is this prevailing spirit of priggishness which is really turning the youngsters off the mainstream media.
Given the climate Benedict and Yaeger described and the priggishness of today's Hall monitors, we can expect the Pro Football Hall of Fame to become a tougher place to crack than the LPGA Hall of Fame was before it relaxed its performance criteria.
Norris), sensuality (Tom Bertram), shallow priggishness (Edmund Bertram), promiscuity (Maria Bertram), jealousy (Julia Bertram), and gluttony (Dr.
What makes this especially fascinating is the intensity of Russell's own self-examination, even when he was too blinded by priggishness and self-importance for self-examination to be of much use.
This comes to a head, of course, in the dispute over the private theatrical to be put on at Mansfield Park, a dispute in which far more is at stake than mere moral priggishness and a slavish fear of Sir Thomas's displeasure.