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While the final ruling is awaited, word on the grapevine is that the Premiership clubs appear to have convinced the OFT that primacy of tenure is not only fair but essential for the development of the game by making professional rugby self-sufficient, and if that is the case, there will be no relegation again this season.
Conversely, primacy is exhibited when the opposite occurs (i.
For Brown, the primacy of language - oral as well as written - needed to be recognized before social changes could be slowly wrought.
What the critical essays share with the more purely theoretical ones, however, is that they do not address the question of the primacy of texts in literary criticism in any adequate way.
Perhaps "Naturalistic National Forests for a More Natural South" is a theme the Region should consider to signal a change away from timber primacy, real or imagined, and toward what I call a "soft hat" rather than a "hard hat" forestry and Forest Service.
In a case which could make history, Suraz India Trust, through its chairman Rajiv Daiya, has filed a PIL seeking review of the 1993 Supreme Court Advocates- on- record Association judgment which gave primacy to the collegium presided over by the CJI in the matter of appointment of judges.
London Welsh argued the primacy of tenure rule breached UK and European competition law and was therefore void and unenforceable.
4) Orthodox theologians such as Mesrob Krikorian, emeritus archbishop of the Armenian Apostolic Church, have consistently criticized the traditional Catholic understanding and the practice of primacy as having evolved from being a ministry of service to an instrument of power and authority.
That it was the Catholics on the court who promoted this aberration of our faith while the Protestants and Jews on the court dissented and thereby upheld the Judeo-Christian understanding of the primacy of love is a sign of a lack of understanding of the Gospel mandate that should be basic to the Catholic church that Jesus left us.
The predominant theoretical response to these and other related questions has come to be called "shareholder primacy," and means basically what the name implies: shareholders should have the ultimate control over the corporation.
At the same time, the senator worked to secure the administrators approval for the State of North Dakotas application for regulatory primacy over Class VI injection wells, which are used for geological sequestration or long-term storage of CO2.