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The mounting responsibilities of the primacy during this time--the country's vast size, competing demands from primates' own dioceses, and the relative lack of funding--began to take a serious toll on the primates' health.
Directors of a for-profit company who favored non-stockholder interests over shareholders have been found in breach of their fiduciary duties, explains Berger, who wrote "In Search of Lost Time: What If Delaware Had Not Adopted Shareholder Primacy?" for the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation.
This makes for a ride that's quieter ride by 0.3dB, even when compared to Primacy 3.
Quinn further makes a subtle argument about the relationship between the history of conciliar debates and the history of the reception: "It was due to the minority that the primacy was framed in terms of the first millennium and the conciliar tradition."
Primacy will be integrated into the Microgen Financial Systems business.
" If you are successful in showing to us that the interpretation of the nine- judge giving primacy to the CJI is wrong, you still don't succeed unless you succeed in showing that the present ( NJAC) system does not undermine or impinge upon the independence of judiciary", a five- judge bench headed by Justice J S Khehar said.
This volume is authored by the Very Reverend Doctor Maximos Vgenopoulos, Grand Archdeacon of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, and accompanied by a foreword by His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, who calls the primacy in the church "the most controversial and critical theological topic" (p.
McPartlan finds that while the trinitarian basis of koinonia/ communion both for primacy and conciliarity or synodality is highlighted sufficiendy in the RD, it "did not specifically reflect on the relationship between primacy and conciliarity in the light of the Eucharist" (9).
After reviewing UK corporate governance concepts and mechanisms, this study establishes a deep-rooted acknowledgement of the shareholder primacy principle as both a concrete ideology and the fundamental objective of corporate activity in the UK.
The philosophy of "shareholder primacy" overtook managerialism in large part because it was thought to offer a cure for the "agency cost" problem of corporate managers neglecting shareholders' interests in order to serve their own.
As their nomination contravenes the primacy ruling which dictates that all Premier Division clubs must be in full control of their ground, the Amateur League deemed their nomination unacceptable - a decision the North Belfast club took to the IFA Appeals Board last Tuesday.
Primacy of tenure became the RFU's weapon of choice as they maintained London Welsh didn't have it in Oxford even though three existing Premiership sides co-habit with football clubs.