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PRIMARY. That which is first or principal; as primary evidence, or that evidence which is to be admitted in the first instance, as distinguished from secondary evidence, which is allowed only when primary evidence cannot be had.
     2. A primary obligation is one which is the principal object of the contract; for example, the primary obligation of the seller is to deliver the thing sold, and to transfer the title to it. It is distinguished from the accessory or secondary obligation to pay damages for not doing so. 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 702.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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'The party's constitution though provides for indirect election and consensus, however, the use of indirect primaries is conditional and dependent on logistic impediments, peculiarities and need of a given state that makes it unable to use direct primaries.
'The request for indirect primaries must be signed by majority of the State Executive Committee and critical stakeholders in attendance at the meeting where such resolution is reached.
The percentage of second primary tumors encountered in the present study (2.1%) is slightly lower than that reported in the literature because this study did not include patients who had two or more subsequent head and neck second primaries. And again, the present study also excluded patients whose second primary neoplasms arose in the esophagus, lung, and elsewhere outside the head and neck.
One potential drawback to the present study is that data were not available regarding the history of tobacco and alcohol use leading up to the index primary or during the interval between primaries. It is well known that continued smoking and alcohol use significantly elevate the risk for a second primary malignancy within the head and neck.
Option 3: Berwick High becomes 14-19 senior high with federated junior high at Berwick Middle; middle schools close; Lowick becomes a primary with satellite at Holy Island; Horncliffe and Norham merge at Norham; Belford and Wooler become primaries on middle school sites; all other firsts become primaries.
Option 1: Coquet High becomes 11-19 secondary school; middle schools close; Red Row and Broomhill merge to form primary on Druridge Bay Middle site; Acklington closes; all other first become primaries.
Where primaries and caucuses were once spread out rather evenly over the delegate selection season, most primaries and caucuses now take place within a few weeks after the delegate selection season formally begins, with the result that the nomination races are effectively settled by early or mid-March.
In 2000, for example, 25 states held their primaries after both Bill Bradley and John McCain had officially withdrawn.
Mike Leavitt reflected the pressures of front-load fever when he said, "As a function of circumstances, the West has been left out of picking the leader of the free world." Adding to the fast-forward frenzy is the likelihood that politicians will move up primaries in a few states for tactical advantage, as Al D'Amato did last time for Dole in New York.
The two national parties could, in theory, create an orderly sequence of primaries by either enacting explicit rules or simply pressuring governors and state legislatures to fall in line.
Option 2: Ashington and Hirst highs combine on learning park site; three junior highs on learning park, Hirst High and Newbiggin middle sites; middle schools close; Coulson Park becomes primary on Seaton Hirst middle site; Windsor First becomes primary on Newbiggin Middle site; Ashington Wansbeck becomes primary on Bothal Middle site; other firsts become primaries.
Option 3: Ashington and Hirst highs combine on learning park site; 11-14 year-olds taught at learning park, Hirst High and Newbiggin Middle site; middle schools close; Coulson Park becomes primary on Seaton Hirst Middle site; Windsor and Newbiggin firsts combine on Newbiggin Middle site; Ashington Wansbeck to become primary on Bothal Middle site; all other firsts become primaries.