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Italy is primarily associated with ices," remarked Mr.
but heard also that she was primarily a cargo boat, and only took passengers by special arrangement, her business being to carry dry goods to the Amazons, and rubber home again.
My reading for reading's sake, as I had hitherto done it, was at an end, and I read primarily for the sake of writing about the book in hand, and secondarily for the pleasure it might give me.
Any one who cares to do so might test the validity of those rules in the nearest possible way, by applying them to the varied examples in this wide [6] survey of what has been actually well done in English prose, here exhibited on the side of their strictly prosaic merit--their conformity, before all other aims, to laws of a structure primarily reasonable.
They were admitted primarily to gratify David, who was very soft-hearted and knew that while he was on the island they must be missing him very much at home.
Ghak and Dacor were both with us, having come primarily to view the prospector.
I call them SOUNDS, rather than WORDS, because sounds they were primarily.
He was a man's man primarily, and the instinct in him to play the game of life was strong.
Primarily, Jacobus Laningdale was a scientist, and, up to that time, a very obscure scientist, a professor employed in the laboratories of the Health Office of New York City.
In the meantime, after this one relapse at Benicia, I went on with my abstemiousness, primarily because I didn't want to drink.
The rockets had primarily been placed to check the fall of the projectile upon the moon, and now they were going to employ them for a directly contrary purpose.
Moreover when a modification of structure has primarily arisen from the above or other unknown causes, it may at first have been of no advantage to the species, but may subsequently have been taken advantage of by the descendants of the species under new conditions of life and with newly acquired habits.