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It is especially and primarily such changes that physics deals with, i.
They were admitted primarily to gratify David, who was very soft-hearted and knew that while he was on the island they must be missing him very much at home.
Ghak and Dacor were both with us, having come primarily to view the prospector.
The rockets had primarily been placed to check the fall of the projectile upon the moon, and now they were going to employ them for a directly contrary purpose.
I lowered the gun and stepped to the corner of the cabin, primarily to relieve the tension on my nerves and to make a new start, and incidentally to be closer.
Comparable sales for clothing increased primarily due to an increase in transactions, partially offset by a decrease in units per transaction, while average unit retail was flat.
The hybrid tire cord includes a nylon primarily twisted yam and an aramid primarily twisted yam, wherein the nylon primarily twisted yam and the aramid primarily twisted yam are secondarily twisted together and after untwisting of the secondary twisting of the hybrid tire cord having a predetermined length, a length of the aramid primarily twisted yam is 1.
Separate contracts will be awarded for work in Iowa, primarily Des Moines; Iowa primarily east of Des Moines; Kansas, primarily Topeka; Kansas, primarily Wichita; Missouri, primarily St.
In the case of systemic gentamicin, ototoxicity appears to be primarily related to the duration of treatment, especially when the treatment course exceeds 10 to 14 days.
The home can be primarily a personal-use residence, primarily a rental or a combination of both.
213-1(e)(1)(ii), the deduction is confined strictly to expenses incurred primarily for the prevention or allevation of a physical or mental defect or illness.