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Primarius hails from 500 miles further north, in the Willamette Valley, which boasts a cool climate perfect for pinot and 2012 is reckoned to be one of their best vintages ever.
The Chief of hospital was Katherine Macphail, the surgeon Svetislav Stojanovic, primarius and a doctor in General State Hospital in Belgrade, the head nurse was Agnes Hardy, and Alice Murphy was a secretary.
Former soldiers Harry Glover and Pete Bray are both directors of security and training firm Primarius.
Para el caso de la Hispania visigoda, destaca un episodio de las Vitas Sanctorum Patrum Emeritensium (44), donde se narra el caso de cierto primarius civitatis, el senador mas rico de Lusitania, que hacia 530-550 dono a la Iglesia toda su fortuna.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Four San Francisco-based hedge funds and the funds' general partner, Primarius Capital, have commenced arbitration against prominent hedge fund manager, former number one Goldman Sachs producer, and University of Kansas lecturer Kent C.
This case demonstrates that the hedge fund world can be a jungle for the ethical managers of smaller funds and their innocent investors," said Philip Heller, the lead attorney representing Primarius.
McCarthy of luring Primarius, a much smaller fund, into association with him in order to wrongfully conspire to use the Primarius funds to advance his own financial interests to those funds' great detriment.
McCarthy would pump certain illiquid securities he knew were held by both Primarius and Jayhawk for months or even years, and then abruptly dump huge quantities without disclosing it to Primarius.
At their peak in 2004, the Primarius funds collectively had approximately $160 million in assets under management.
Harry, who served with the Royal Artillery, and Pete, who served in the SAS, are directors of security services and training firm Primarius Ltd.
Las Vidas de los Padres de Merida refieren el caso de un primarius civitatis, el senador mas rico de Lusitania, que hacia 530-550 dono a la Iglesia toda su fortuna.
Primarius Ltd was selected by the Dragon's Den boss in his competition Small Business Sunday, which helps small business owners raise their profile via Twitter.