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The process by which the financial worth of property is determined. The amount at which an item is valued. A demand by the board of directors of a corporation for the payment of any money that is still owed on the purchase of capital stock. The determination of the amount of damages to be awarded to a plaintiff who has been successful in a lawsuit. The ascertainment of the pro rata share of taxes to be paid by members of a group of taxpayers who have directly benefited from a particular common goal or project according to the benefit conferred upon the individual or his or her property. This is known as a special assessment. The listing and valuation of property for purposes of fixing a tax upon it for which its owner will be liable. The procedure by which the Internal Revenue Service, or other government department of taxation, declares that a taxpayer owes additional tax because, for example, the individual has understated personal gross income or has taken deductions to which he or she is not entitled. This process is also known as a deficiency assessment.

West's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

ASSESSMENT. The making out a list of property, and fixing its valuation or appraisement; it is also applied to making out a list of persons, and appraising their several occupations, chiefly with a view of taxing the said persons and their property.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The course covers the complete process from the primary assessment, beginning at the injury and then factoring in further liabilities.
A missed injury was defined as one that escaped detection from primary assessment to operative exploration.
Abbasi added that Iran's relief aid was prepared for delivery to Japan upon a request form the Japanese government and the Red Cross and after the primary assessment of the situation in Japan's quake-hit regions by an Iranian team deployed to the country.
The next eight chapters are the most valuable parts of the book, showing the primary assessment techniques used in usability.
In the future, one can envision a primary assessment of the risk of recurrence with molecular prognostic profiles, followed by assessment of markers that would guide the choice of appropriate agents in those patients deemed to be at sufficient risk.
The interview is the primary assessment tool in decision-making counseling.
They have expanded the content of certain chapters (anatomy, tissue injuries, primary assessment, protective equipment, nutrition, weight control, and the training profession in general); outlined clear objectives at the outset of each chapter; added injury case studies; and included a wrap-up section for each chapter of Key Terms, Questions for Review, Activities for Reinforcement, and Above and Beyond.
That is the primary assessment of the State and Local Government Technology Investment Curve (TIC), a review of government purchasing behavior since 2000 conducted by CDW Government, a subsidiary of CDW Corp.
Thus, student-opinion surveys should not be used as primary assessment measures (although they can supplement direct measures).
As noted, the Board reviewed the HMDA data for 2002 and 2003 reported by Associated Bank in its primary assessment areas, including in the Milwaukee MSA and on a statewide basis in Wisconsin.
The primary assessment end point for this experiment was the development of severe renal disease, the hallmark of lupus in this animal model.
Direct assessment could be used as a primary assessment method for external corrosion, internal corrosion.