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Research on primary assessments is alarmingly sparse, with little guidance provided to teachers on appropriating traditional developmental assessments to function within accountability contexts (Pyle & DeLuca, 2013).
Last October, I set out my intention to establish a settled, trusted primary assessment system.
The FAME study protocol provides that the primary assessment of efficacy will be based on the Modified ART dataset and that the other datasets will be considered secondary; the protocol did not specify the Full Analysis Set as a dataset for analysing the study.
Although research shows that experiential learning is more effective, university teachers continue to use written tests as their primary assessment tool.
These are the conclusions of the International Benchmarking Survey 2004, the Government's primary assessment tool for the adoption and use of ICT by businesses which is sponsored by the Department of Trade and Industry.
This year, in a comprehensive, peer-review process, the nominees were judged on the primary assessment themes of Concept, Value, Delivery and Impact.
The government has today published its plans to create a stable and proportionate primary assessment system for the long-term.
Viability Ratings were assigned July 20, 2011 and represent Fitch's primary assessment of the intrinsic creditworthiness of financial institutions.
Plans have been announced by Education Secretary Justine Greening for a primary assessment system which focuses on pupil progress, mastering literacy and numeracy, and scrapping unnecessary workload for teachers.
Fitch will now use Viability Ratings as its primary assessment of the intrinsic creditworthiness of these institutions.
Patients in the study underwent primary assessment of efficacy using Hidradenitis Suppurativa Clinical Response (HiSCR) scores at 12 weeks, continued by a follow up phase to assess time to relapse after an additional 12 weeks without therapy.
The primary assessment of safety will be an analysis of non-inferiority to comparator drugs using a composite cardiovascular endpoint from a safety database pooled from all four Phase 3 trials.