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The low sulfur soluble cure system shows excellent primary adhesion with all three adhesive systems, and IPPD antiozonant even appears to enhance primary bonds.
Like the EFSF, the ESM will be able to intervene in the primary bond market and the price of its loans will be in line with IMF pricing principles.
One of the most innovative aspects of the book is its nuanced readings of the maternal, as the primary bond by which the tensions and boundaries between subject and other are negotiated.
Historically, the primary bond market slows considerably during the latter portion of the summer ahead of the long Labor Day weekend.
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ (BTMU) is said to be considering a move to quit as a primary bond dealer to the Japanese government.
As the name shows, the Chinese Debt Fund will make investments in RMB-denominated Chinese debt securities released by sovereigns, quasi sovereigns, and public and private sector firms that are traded on China's two primary bond markets, the interbank market and the exchange markets.
The GCC is seen as a safe haven because of the region's current account surpluses and currency pegs, and the slow pace of primary bond issuance this year has also served to drive up secondary market prices.
European Central Bank board member Joerg Asmussen said on Thursday the euro zone's bailout funds should be used to intervene on the primary bond markets of countries that request aid before the bank acts.
US primary bond dealers - who do business direct with the Fed - were slightly more optimistic than other poll contributors, with 17 of the 21 who replied forecasting a median 2.