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PHYSICIAN. One lawfully engaged in the practice of medicine.
     2. A physician in England cannot recover for fees, as his practice is altogether honorary. Peake C. N. P. 96, 123; 4 T. R. 317.
     3. But in Pennsylvania, and perhaps in all the United States, he may recover for his services. 5 Serg. & Rawle, 416. The law implies, therefore, a contract on the part of a medical man, as well as those of other professions, to discharge their duty in a skillful and attentive manner; and the law will redress the party injured by their neglect or ignorance. 1 Saund. 312, R; 1 Ld. Raym. 213; 2 Wils. 359; 8 East, 348.
     4. They are sometimes answerable criminally for mala praxis. (q.v.) 2 Russ. on Cr. 288; Ayl. Pand. 213; Com. Dig. h.t. Vin. Ab. h.t.

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In 2015, 32% of primary care physicians were in practices of two to five doctors, up from 27% in 2010.
Major Finding: Patients comanaged by a primary care physician and a pulmonologist were 4.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Data show that collaboration between primary care physicians and psychiatrists improves primary care of patients with depression--but what does that collaboration look like?
It won't be easy, and he expects that primary care physicians will come "kicking and screaming" into pain management.
The physicians were surveyed again and, out of 70 primary care physicians on the medical staff, 20 said they would definitely use the hospitalist program.
It will provide Secure Horizons' members with access to Primary Care's 150 primary care physicians, who are based in more than 60 communities throughout metropolitan Boston, the southwest suburbs, and the South Shore.
Primary care physicians perceive hospitalists as undermining their own value and power.
Shifting care back to primary care physicians would make more efficient use of specialist care resources.
Geo-access mapping can answer simple questions such as: What percentage of a company's employees would have access to two or more primary care physicians within five miles of their homes?
Nasdaq: FPAM), a national health care management service organization, with corporate headquarters in San Diego, announced today that the Company recently signed an exclusive management agreement with Primary Care Physicians of New Jersey, Inc.
Veraxa Health has formed a strategic relationship with Topcon, a world leading optics and electronics manufacturer, to deliver the required medical testing technology to primary care physicians, endocrinologists and other medical professionals who utilize JVN.
That was the finding of a study of 6,450 patients with depression and their primary care physicians that Elaine Yuen, Ph.

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