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Lack of genetic variability caused the infamous Irish Potato Famine from 1845 to 1852 where the population of potatoes, a primary constituent of the Irish diet, was infected by a disease called Phytophthora infestans.
The new approach to making scaffolds for tissue engineering depends on cellulose, the primary constituent of the cell walls of green plants.
It is crucial for operators to control NOx emissions because not only is NOx a major air pollutant by itself, but it also reacts in the atmosphere to form ozonethe primary constituent of smog and acid rain.
In planting trees, primary constituent trees are selected that grow long, deep roots and match the potential natural vegetation of an area.
Bezoars are classified according to their primary constituent, the most common types being trichobezoars (hair) or phytobezoars (plant material).
Arabic calligraphy has a long and hallowed tradition in Pakistan where it is considered a primary constituent of country's Islamic heritage.
Some of the trees were also bathed in elevated levels of ground-level ozone, the primary constituent in smog, to simulate the increasingly polluted air of the future.
Mr Kothari further added that the vision of PCERF is to bring in an overall improvement in quality and standard of designs, infrastructure and civil engineering industry for the benefit of all stakeholders, primary constituent of which is of course the common man.
The primary constituent occupies a higher position in the hierarchy of grammatical relations than the co-member (subject > direct object > adverbial complement > adjunct).
But one primary constituent is carcinogenic silica, which can cause lung disease if inhaled.
But the data from the Deep Impact mission indicate that although Tempel 1 contains some ices, its primary constituent may be dust particles finer than talcum power.
Methane on Earth (the primary constituent of natural gas) comes from bacterial metabolism and, to a much lesser extent, volcanism.