primary constituent

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In planting trees, primary constituent trees are selected that grow long, deep roots and match the potential natural vegetation of an area.
Bezoars are classified according to their primary constituent, the most common types being trichobezoars (hair) or phytobezoars (plant material).
Arabic calligraphy has a long and hallowed tradition in Pakistan where it is considered a primary constituent of country's Islamic heritage.
Some of the trees were also bathed in elevated levels of ground-level ozone, the primary constituent in smog, to simulate the increasingly polluted air of the future.
The primary constituent occupies a higher position in the hierarchy of grammatical relations than the co-member (subject > direct object > adverbial complement > adjunct).
But one primary constituent is carcinogenic silica, which can cause lung disease if inhaled.
But the data from the Deep Impact mission indicate that although Tempel 1 contains some ices, its primary constituent may be dust particles finer than talcum power.
The final major cation, magnesium (Mg) is a primary constituent of chlorophyll, the green pigment in plants which is the receptor of light energy in photosynthesis.
Only those areas within the proposed critical habitat boundary that contain the primary constituent elements required by the toad would be considered critical habitat.
Crumpled films, the primary constituent in dross, have an irregular appearance on a metallographic section [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 2 OMITTED].
The press, especially television, is a primary constituent of the space program--a player whose wishes and whims are taken into account and one which, like any other vested interest group, has an incentive to refuse to see what is doing wrong under its nose.
Designed to be simple and flexible, Common Ground is used by hundreds of organizations as their primary constituent relationship management (CRM) system, to build and manage relationships with donors, volunteers and other constituents across all channels, whether offline or online.