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28,32) This section briefly describes UHN's experience on what can be expected when WSI is introduced into actual patient care situations for frozen sections and primary diagnosis.
After evaluating each beneficiary's sociodemographic information and primary diagnosis, and excluding those beneficiaries with incomplete information, it was found that a total of 10.
Over the five years, admissions with a primary diagnosis of measles increased from 231 admissions in the year July 2011 to a peak of 587 in the year to July 2013.
From a cohort of 143 patients with epithelial ovarian cancer, preoperative blood samples obtained at primary diagnosis were subjected to immunomagnetic CTC enrichment and subsequent molecular CTC characterization, analyzing the transcripts of EPCAM, MUC1, and MUC16 (Adnatest OvarianCancer).
While the primary diagnosis method remains the most transparent, it carries the stringent requirement that every claim or event has a diagnosis attached to it, a requirement met only by the MEPS.
Attributes Selected in 100 Classification Iterations Accuracy Primary diagnosis 40% Primary diagnosis, admitting 49% diagnosis Primary diagnosis, primary 54% procedure, admitting diagnosis Primary diagnosis, primary 56% procedure, admitting diagnosis, DRG Table 3: Number of Diagnostic Codes.
The report said there were 5,020 admissions in 2007-08 in England with a primary diagnosis of obesity.
No other single primary diagnosis comprised >1% of the primary diagnosis (Table 2).
Mental disorders were the second leading primary diagnosis among residents at the time of interview (22%).
A new Assembly bill requires all health care insurance plans to cover HIV testing regardless of whether testing is directly related to a primary diagnosis or not.
Nearly half of patients with advanced or secondary breast cancer do not have access to a named health care professional for medical and emotional support, unlike 98% of those with a primary diagnosis.
Next year, health plans operating in California will be required to pay for routine HIV testing regardless of whether the test is related to the primary diagnosis, under a new law signed by Gov.