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The value addition in this regards is primary element to enhance exportable surplus.
a primary element is the definition of the geographic area boundary for the work programme in each of the three towns.
The satisfaction of our buyers is the most primary element in Cadillac's product-driven growth," said Bob Ferguson, vice president, Global Cadillac.
The guide focuses specifically on applications where the increased strength and/or stiffness of the soil due to compaction is a primary element of the ground improvement.
The winners, chosen from 140 international entries from 21 countries and 32 states, submitted innovative, visionary and compelling proposals for container constructed multi-family, mixed-use projects using shipping containers as the primary element of construction.
They accurately and objectively clarify the concept and general idea of effects-based operations as the primary element in planning military operations.
The Stage Toter combines the primary element of the Spa Toter--portability and easy setup--with the features of a stage.
DP flowmeters use both a DP transmitter and a primary element in making a flow measurement.
As with still-life paintings, landscape compositions do not usually depict movement as a primary element.
Tax insurance can be defined as a transfer by a ceding enterprise (a corporation) to an assuming enterprise (a major insurance company) of the liability for potential taxes due in a transaction in which the primary element of risk is financial rather than strategic.
While Mies suppressed the roof, at least from the outside, Kada stresses it as the primary element and plays down the visible structural effort.
The primary element of "Romantic Landscapes with Missing Parts" was a suite of large-scale landscapes set in conspicuous gold frames.