primary element

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- Product analysis for the significant primary element suppliers
It includes both practical and theoretical aspects of compaction grouting, and focuses specifically on compaction grouting applications where the soil's increased strength and/or stiffness due to compaction is a primary element of ground improvement, but not applications that require the injected grout to be stronger than the surrounding soil.
"This does, however, provide an opportunity for staff and pupils of the primary element to settle in their new surroundings, before the secondary element joins them on site six months later.
So content--textbooks, documents, audios, videos, and instructor presentations, and so on--must be the primary element.
The primary element will be a newbuild, while the secondary building is being refurbished and redecorated.
The value addition in this regards is primary element to enhance exportable surplus.
It is also considered a primary element used across markets to identify and evaluate investment opportunities, especially in emerging markets.
A primary element of the FHLB system is collateralization of advances when loans are made.
R primary element that factors into all PTMI[R] solutions is efficiency within your supply chain.
"The satisfaction of our buyers is the most primary element in Cadillac's product-driven growth," said Bob Ferguson, vice president, Global Cadillac.
For instance, water can be extracted from ice in the soil and Mars has sources of nitrogen, the primary element in the air we breathe.
Among the four newly discovered viruses was one that "turned out to be the primary element of the honey bee biome, or community of bacteria and viruses," said the study, identifying it as a strain of the Lake Sinai virus.