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The working group also hosts training seminars that address domestic terrorism issues, with a primary focus on right-wing, white supremacist groups.
But it's important to note that, for once, Van Nuys is getting more positive attention than I can recall in the 35 years I have lived here, and it's all because of Cindy's determination to keep her campaign promise to make Van Nuys her primary focus.
The company's primary focus is developing pharmaceuticals that engage the immune system to fight cancer and that produce white blood cells following chemotherapy or radiation.
The site's primary focus is to attract inquiries, requests for quotations, and direct sales for participating companies, each of which has its own showroom featuring its products and services.
The Mortgage Company's primary focus is the origination of reverse mortgages, but will also be able to service other mortgage requests with a full range of traditional forward mortgage products.
HealthSpring is one of the largest managed care organizations in the United States whose primary focus is the Medicare Advantage market.
The Company's primary focus is the development and commercialization of its bioerodible injectable and implantable systems under the trade name Biochronomer.
RASIRC develops products that purify and deliver gases from evaporative sources, with a primary focus on water vapor.
According to Rafael Pinedo, President and CEO, "We have made significant operational progress moving the Company from an organization and acquisition stage to a point where our primary focus is now exploration, production and distribution.