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injury or loss. In the civil law jurisdictions the word is often used in the context of an ‘unfair’ loss, as where an adult takes advantage of a minor or someone purchases something for much less than it's worth.
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LESION, contracts. In the civil law this term is used to signify the injury suffered, in consequence of inequality of situation, by one who does not receive a full equivalent for what he gives in a commutative contract.
     2. The remedy given for this injury, is founded on its being the effect of implied error or imposition; for in every commutative contract, equivalents are supposed to be given and received. Louis. Code, 1854. Persons of full age, however, are not allowed in point of law to object to their agreements as being injurious, unless the injury be excessive. Poth. Oblig. P. 1, c. 1, s. 1, art. 3, Sec. 4. But minors are admitted to restitution, not only against any excessive inequality, but against any inequality whatever. Poth. Oblig. P. 1, c. 1, s. 1, art. 3, Sec. 5; Louis. Code, art. 1858.
     3. Courts of chancery relieve upon terms of redemption and set aside contracts entered into by expectant heirs dealing for their expectancies, on the ground of mere inadequacy of price. 1 Vern. 167; 2 Cox, 80; 2 Cas. in Ch. 136; 1 Vern. 141; 2 Vern. 121; 2 Freem. 111; 2 Vent. 359; 2 Vern. 14; 2 Rep. in Ch. 396; 1 P. W. 312; 1 Bro. C. C. 7; 3 P. Wms. 393, n.; 2 Atk. 133; 2 Ves. 125; 1 Atk. 301; 1 Wils. 286; 1 Wils. 320; 1 Bro. P. 6. ed. Toml. 198; 1 Bro. C. C. 1; 16 Ves. 512; Sugd. on Vend. 231, n. k.; 1 Ball & B. 330; Wightw. 25; 3 Ves. & Bea. 117; 2 Swanst. R. 147, n.; Fonb. notes to the Treatise of Equity, B, 1, c. 2, s. 9. A contract cannot stand where the party has availed himself of a confidential situation, in order to obtain some selfish advantage. Note to Crowe v. Ballard. 1 Ves. jun. 125; 1 Hov. Supp. 66, 7. Note to Wharton v. May. 5 Ves. 27; 1 Hov. Supp. 378. See Catching bargain; Fraud; Sale.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Based on the findings of our WB-MRI and histopathological examinations, we reasoned that viable tumor cells inducing disease progression may primarily exist in the primary lesions and not in the metastatic lesions.
Upper endoscopic examination revealed no primary lesions. To obtain sufficient tissue samples from deeper layers, we next performed boring biopsy in combination with EMR.
For T1 primary lesions, the 5-year Cancer Specific Survival (CSS) has been shown to fall from 94% to 69% when comparing SN-negative and SN-positive patients, respectively [11].
By controlling the local disease through directed local therapy, local symptoms conditioned by the growth and progression of the primary lesion are prevented or delayed [5,11,12].
y/sex primary active CL primary lesions lesions 1 28/M 12 No Trunk, upper extremities 2 24/F 1 Yes Lower extremities 3 28/M 1 No Lower extremities 4 28/M 1 No Neck 5 26/M 1 No Lower extremities 6 25/M 1 No Face 7 41/M 1 Yes Lower extremities 8 23/M 4 Yes Neck, lower extremities 9 31/M 3 No Upper and lower extremities 10 24/M 1 Yes Upper extremities 11 41/M 0 No No lesionsf 12 25/M 1 NA NA 13 22/M 2 No NA 14 25/M 3 No Lower extremities 15 24/M 7 No Face, upper extremities 16 28/M 1 No Upper extremities 17 23/M 2 No Trunk Treatment Patient Primary cutaneous Mucosal After ML Response no.
Based on biopsy report, octreotide scan was done to locate the primary lesion and it showed that the tumor was only present in left lobe of liver (segment II and III).
Chest radiographs, taken in search of the primary lesion, revealed a lesion in the right upper lung; on follow-up CT images, this lesion was suspect for malignancy (Figure).
Also noted, however, were a small soft-tissue component to the primary lesion, a mesenteric mass, a lesion in the right hepatic lobe, and mesenteric and periportal lymphadenopathy.
"In any case, recognizing this is very important, and for a primary lesion like this, it is important to look for ulcers in other locations," she said.
Hypothesis testing of the results of the Phase 2 primary endpoint of sensitivity for detection of the biopsied primary lesion combined with the objective measure for detecting metastasis resulted in the following parameters being accepted by the FDA:
Coughs and anorexia had dramatically improved in a few days, and we observed that the primary lesion shrunk remarkably in a week.

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