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The word, 'Tongzhi', whose primary meaning is 'comrade', a form of address beloved of Communists for decades.
The leather sheaths bring each object to the level of pure fetish, understood precisely in terms of its primary meaning, as an object that can no longer be used except for some "other," divergent, and above all virtual form of consumption.
Even in a relative sense, few of us who bear these words today can claim with a straight face to be poor or hungry in the primary meaning of those words.
We use the words but almost in the same breath we don't want the adventure implied by the primary meaning of those words.
He apparently does not realize that these two points are mutually exclusive: Ruschenbusch arrived at his enormous figure for the total number of Greek city-states by including hundreds of towns in areas like Phokis, Aitolia, Thessaly, etc., areas where there were in fact no city-states but ethne, overlooking in this the fact that the primary meaning of the Greek word polls was at all times simply "town" or "city" - not "city-state": see e.g.

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