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Pannenberg identifies correspondence with Freud's insights about infantile normal or primary narcissism and therefore has connectivity with Kernberg and Kohut.
Primary narcissism can also be regarded as a starting point, but from it, two directions emerge: the idealised parental imago and the grandiose self (cf.
It is, in Leclaire's words, not ourselves in primary narcissism (where no bounded self can as yet exist) but rather "the representation of the primary narcissistic representative.
Brownstein observes that Freud's account of identity formation "shifts from a primary narcissism, an internalized mother, to love object, an internalized father, the latter reified in symbolic forms and cultural prohibitions as the signatures of oedipal resolution" (14).
For the neurotic, alienation in language concomitant with primary repression, the final separation that ends, or at least displaces, the imbroglio of primary narcissism, constitutes a contingent and precarious removal from the proximity of the Real qua antagonism.
In the underlying development of these disorders, ascribing problems with self-regard to primary narcissism and overidealization obscures as much as it reveals.

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