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49, is credited with motivating numerous colleagues to earn their ARM credential, and was a primary organizer of some of the chapter's social service and community outreach activities.
Ed served as president, board member, annual show chair, and primary organizer of many of the society's events countless times over decades of service to the society, his fellow members, and to the place the society called home, Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden.
I spent the summer of 1965 in Jackson, Mississippi, as a volunteer from Wisconsin for the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, the primary organizer of the marches.
The goal of the conference was to try to identify the successful environmental interventions that have been developed across the country, and then to disseminate them more broadly," said primary organizer Allen Dearry, NIEHS associate director for research coordination, planning, and translation.
Calvin Brown, director of The Renewal Fellowship Within The Presbyterian Church in Canada and the primary organizer of the conference, called the event "the beginning of a real co-ordinated movement of renewal across the country.
His defense counsel, however, argued that Kenji was not the primary organizer of the schemes.
Both in the dis-membering of temporal diaspora and the re-membering of Transtemporal Diaspora, time/Time is the primary organizer of women's experience.
His discussion of strengths and weaknesses of stated program goals as the primary organizer for evaluation makes an important argument not often heard amidst the widespread rejection of goal-oriented evaluation models.
Monty Newborn, Chairman of the ACM Computer Chess Committee, has been the primary organizer of ACM tournaments since 1970 and is a professor of computer science at McGill University.
To analyze the labor of farm women, historians must confront the farm family as a primary organizer of women's work.