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PRIMATE, eccl. law.. An archbishop who has jurisdiction over one or several other metropolitans.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The other bishops clearly wanted a less robust exercise of regional primatial authority from Romero, but the line is fine indeed between the noninterference they desired and a kind of diocesan autonomy--or, what may amount to virtually the same, each diocesan bishop's "direct and immediate relationship with the Pope" (see above, n.
Innocent had only confirmed the suffragans and the primatial dignity of Toledo with Sacrosancta romana ecclesia on 4 March 1210, but it is likely that Rodrigo, confident of success, as well as confirming his existing status and his theoretical authority, was also determined to secure his rights to towns and dioceses, which he thought would soon be captured in the campaigns of Alfonso VIH and Prince Ferdinand (82).
GA notes that this primatial ministry includes "a specific ministry concerning the discernment of truth as an expression of universal primacy".
5, 26) vouchsafed to the hierarch concerning the future of both Armenia's royal and primatial lines (previously the catholicate had also been hereditary).
It does not explicitly grant him the right to make further ordinations, but does state that he should have the primatial dignity in Narbonensis secunda as long as he lives.
The primatial election will be held during the meeting of General Synod in Vancouver in July.
Bratislava has borne its name for 100 yearsMoreover, there will be a visual show dedicated to the first city privileges and the centenary of the capital being named Bratislava displayed on the facade of the Primatial Palace.Two of the first events, an amateur hockey tournament and the technological festival " target="_blankIXPO start on April 26.The main programme is planned for the weekend.
(35) Gros's article, "A Primatial Grace for a Baptismal Church," informed readers as to the significance of current developments and their impact on the future exercise of the papal office, both ecumenically and within the Catholic Church, in light of historical and ongoing theological challenges.
Chapter 3 treats Anselm's "primatial theory"--i.e., his political philosophy supporting Canterbury's political primacy--as grounded in his training at Bec and influenced by Lanfranc.
To Rodrigo, his city was the urbs regia, the once and future capital of a united Spain, and the primatial see of the entire Peninsula (31).
That council would appoint and oversee a "primatial vicar" to oversee the small but vocal band of conservatives in the 2.2 million-member Episcopal church.
Brigit's influence gave her church, Kildare, a status second to only one other church, Armagh, and Brigit's successors, both monastic and episcopal, managed to keep Armagh's primatial hopes at bay so effectively that an unknown Armagh writer composed a life in which Saint Patrick, traditional founder of the see, acknowledges that Brigit is supreme in the Kildare area.