prime constituent

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With "survival at any cost" as the motto, the Congress party, already deficient in skills and commitment, failed to play the leadership role as the prime constituent of the coalition.
The finding indicates that federal limits on this pervasive pollutant, a prime constituent of smog, don't protect infants "from rather severe respiratory symptoms," says epidemiologist Elizabeth W.
Al Leem said that the seaports in the emirate get continuous support and attention from the emirateAEs government as they represent one of the prime constituents of the economy.
It's also a magnet for military bases and weapons contractors, prime constituents of the congressman, who served as chairman of the House Armed Services Committee until this January.
It was rather obvious from the start that the majority party in Maryland--the Democrats--was simply playing politics to placate one of its prime constituents, the labor unions.
Accordingly, modifications to his recommendations are offered, with a view to ensuring that JOOP continues to meet the needs of its prime constituents.
And let's face it: hunters are the prime constituents of wildlife agencies.
Ambient ozone and nitrogen dioxide, prime constituents of smog, are both down by 30 percent since the 1970s.
The handbook also advocates and outlines ways in which the board can communicate externally, especially with its prime constituents, the shareholders.