prime ingredient

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Cement is the prime ingredient used in the construction industry.
The project's foremost aim is to modify microalgae to produce omega-3, a prime ingredient in fish food.
Celebrity Chef and Cookbook author Sara Moulton joins The Balancing Act host in the kitchen to learn about the tradition behind the shortbread -the Walker family has been producing the world's finest shortbread since 1898 - and to see Chef Moulton mix up unique recipes using Walkers Shortbread as a prime ingredient for tasty treats like strawberry shortcake.
Test cricket is a mind game and whether one is batting, bowling or captaining a positive approach is the prime ingredient for success.
A while back, a friend forwarded me an anonymous email: Its ecstatic writer, intoxicated by memories of his family's kitchen, where "schmaltz was the prime ingredient in almost every Jewish dish," made ".
The text explores how caffeine became the most popular stimulant on earth; how the coca plant became the source of both a tremendously powerful addictive drug and a prime ingredient of Coca-Cola, how Coca-Cola reacted to being in the crossroads of a burgeoning drug war over cocaine (today Coca-Cola uses a cocaine-free extract of the coca leaf in its drinks); and much more.
The Alpine Rose has adapted to cold, dryness and UV, so that it can resist these harsh environmental conditions and, as the prime ingredient of VBeaute products, it makes them ideal for travel to hot or cold climes.
Organic castor seed oil is a prime ingredient in this new product.
Although its V-One vodka is actually produced by one of Poland's best distilleries in Ljubljana, the prime ingredient is organic spelt wheat grown on 10-1/2 acres in Hadley.
Menus including variations on classic dishes have also been developed with cognac as the prime ingredient and the perfect partner with the gourmet ingredients grown, or farmed, in the Charente valley.
In addition, the front of each carton shows each flavor's colorful prime ingredient along with catchy flavor descriptions.
A by-product of atomic reactions and a prime ingredient in nuclear bombs, plutonium is highly carcinogenic and one of the most dangerous substances on the planet, experts say.

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