prime ingredients

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The prime ingredients are nature-identical oils to replicate the fragrance of natural extracts.
Led by Chef Rocco Sacramone (pictured) --owner and executive chef of Trattoria 1 L'incontro in Astoria, one of the highest rated Italian restaurants in New York City--Maiella will feature Central Italian cuisine and incorporate a modern twist on traditional dishes prepared with the freshest, prime ingredients.
Rivetti: A return to the origins, giving the highest importance to prime ingredients, and the originality of cooking techniques.
Potassium is one of the prime ingredients in promoting a healthy and responsive nervous system, and it also improves the speed and alertness of brain activity.
Produced on Glendale's newly modernised cooking and freezing line, these puddings are packed with prime ingredients and hand finished for an appealing rustic look.
Lets start with empathy, one of the prime ingredients of any affecting production.
The two prime ingredients are a huge amount of patience and excellent manual dexterity.
The new pies and puddings have deeper fillings, more chunks of meat and are made with prime ingredients.
CrE me de la CrE me's ice creams use only prime ingredients such as fruit flavours made from real fruit, mocha flavour from quality coffee and its unique flavour from genuine Belgian spiced biscuits, according to a statement.
ILLICIT sex, cannibalism and Elvis are all prime ingredients in this revival of Lee Hall's black comedy.
Philosophy: "I was very into having the prime ingredients like scallops - ingredients you would see on Michelin menus - but whether I have just evolved or matured but now it is utilising the lesser cuts, the credit crunch scenario.