prime motive

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This was enough to determine Sir Thomas; and a decisive "then so it shall be" closed that stage of the business; Sir Thomas retiring from it with some feelings of satisfaction, and views of good over and above what he had communicated to his son; for his prime motive in sending her away had very little to do with the propriety of her seeing her parents again, and nothing at all with any idea of making her happy.
He had come upon Germans and had not killed them; but it was because the killing of Germans at large was not yet the prime motive of his existence--now it was to discover the individual who slew his mate.
Sally Spectra has prime motive for wanting Bill dead, because he recently informed her that he was not going to honor the promise to help Spectra rebuild, even though he was the one who destroyed them by blowing up their building.
But his prime motive would have been purely selfish - to create some heat around the fixture that impacts on England.
He hoped cricket will the prime motive in the running of the association and that every stakeholder in the 33 district cricket associations, players, administrators and cricket lovers at large will be treated with respect and fairness.
At EFIHub, our prime motive is to engage with regulatory agencies, investors, entrepreneurs, industry experts and build a network that young businesses can leverage on, to drive innovation and create a lasting impact on the communities and society, at large.
Similar to healthcare, prime motive of using video conferencing in education sector is to reduce the overall costs.
His prime motive to stay in power is his desire to revise the constitution, but once his popularity really starts to fall, that becomes very difficult to do," Nakano said.
BETTER opportunities on the big days is the prime motive for newly crowned champion jockey Jim Crowley accepting a retainer to ride as number one to Hamdan Al Maktoum.
The prime motive for his life of crime was always a desire for the good life, he says.
Sunni Afghans, Arabs, Indonesians, Iranians, Baluchis, Kurds, Pakistanis And Turks In The Muslim World Swear That ISIS And AQC Are Secret Allies Of Iran's Safawi Shi'ite Theocracy Led By The IRGC Whose Prime Motive Is To Split The Sunna Nation'
My prime motive is to raise the standard of education quality in municipal schools.