prime mover

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Parameters evaluated in establishing the different models included: prime mover fuel type, building type, building size, climactic variation, realistic equipment selection, realistic equipment sizing, and appropriate electric and fuel rate structures.
As the prime mover fuel input is varied, its electrical and thermal output will vary in some characteristic fashion, as represented conceptually in Figure 2.
If the brakes don't hold--or there's no prime mover drag--ask your mechanic to put the "brake" back into your brakes.
There is only one more prime mover to add to this sequence.
This is a multi-joint movement that engages a large aggregate of muscle tissue in both prime mover and stabilizing functions with a ground-based origin.
General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems was selected by the US Marine Corps to develop and produce the future Expeditionary Fire Support System (EFSS), which will comprise a prime mover vehicle, a 120 mm mortar, ammunition supply vehicle and trailer, fire control support and a complete family of ammunition all of which must be transportable by the V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor.
Prime power/cogeneration systems are available and systems include PLC controls for automatic prime mover starting and stopping, prime mover status and alarm annunciation, synchronizing and priority load control.
But she does so only by repeating, mimicking, that transcendent order which Plato's demiurge, the god of monotheistic religions, or the prime mover of Eastern spirituality must have initially introduced into nature.
The Lippmann 4818 Prime Mover is billed as a "self-contained crushing and screening plant designed to produce multiple products.
Traditionally, a thyristor-controlled DC motor or a frequency-controlled AC motor has been used as the prime mover in drive systems for rubber mixing machines (roll mills and internal mixers).
Chairman Hal Stratton was a prime mover in the implementation of a new federal web site, www.