prime mover

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It consists of a single prime mover, heat recovery system to capture the waste heat from the prime mover and enable its provision to the building heating and cooling system, absorption chiller, electric chiller and auxiliary heating boiler, as shown schematically in Figure 1.
The primary energy sources in the system shown in Figure 1 are the fuel input to the CHP prime mover, fuel input to the boiler, and fuel input to the utility power plant.
Today's most ubiquitous mechanical prime mover -- installed in nearly a billion road and off-road vehicles, water vessels, airplanes, and countless machines and tools -- is the gasoline-fuelled internal combustion engine, fundamentally unchanged since the 1880s.
Harmonics--because the control of the drive is made in the transmission with the prime mover, the electric motor, always rotating at its optimal speed, will not transmit harmonics back into the electrical supply net.
Appleby Westward has recently taken delivery of 6 prime movers and 4 drawbar trailers constructed by Abel Demountables, on a long-term contract hire package from logistics and transport company, Ryder.
Against Berti, Laks argues on linguistic grounds that the prime mover need not be understood as an efficient cause.
The prime mover at DOJ on the Microsoft case, antitrust head Joe Klein, has recently announced that he is leaving to pursue other interests.
The prime mover behind "impingement" spraying is Magnum Industries, Clearwater, Fla.
No abstract proposition or remote Prime Mover in the sky, but God himself pitching his tent and dwelling with and in his people Israel.
Fernow, chief of the Forestry Division of the Department of Agriculture, who would later be a prime mover in the American Forestry Association.
Indeed, in those days the theory of industrial production saw the machine as the prime mover in production and the worker as a malleable extension of the machine.
He was also the prime mover and signatory of the James Bay Northern Quebec Agreement and the Cree-Naskapi Act on behalf of the Cree people of Northern Quebec.