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According to Daniel Hedaya, executive vice president, who is handling the listing along with Philip Askeroth, the family-sized apartment, which features five bedrooms and four-and-a-half baths, is primely located in the heart of Downtown The ninth floor loft has 12-foot-high vaulted ceilings and 29 total windows.
Mental scrutiny is insufficient for the task Montaigne has set himself: "Car ceux qui se repassent par fantasie seulement et par langue quelque heure, ne s'examinent pas si primement, ny ne se penetrent, comme celuy qui en faict son estude, son ouvrage et son mestier, qui s'engage a un register de duree, de toute sa foy, de toute sa force" [For those who onely run themselves over by fantasie, and by speech for some houres, examine not themselves so primely and exactly, nor enter they into themselves, as he doth, who makes his study his worke, and occupation of it: who with all his might, and with all his credit engageth himselfe to a register of continuance] (II: 18.
Managing director of Tameer's Dubai business unit, Abdul Hamid Moukayed, said the partnership between Tameer and ThinkSpace to lease the primely located Tecom project, reaffirms the leading developer's commitment to striking fruitful industry partnerships to contribute effectively towards the UAE's property sector.