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The quick-dry formula of PPG Aquacron 834 primer can increase shop production and provide manufacturers and custom coaters with a cost-effective option that uses water for reduction and clean-up.
This design provides additional value by incorporating a "tail" on each allele-specific primer. The tail sequence is recognized by a universal probe-based reporter system.
This 2K Waterbased Epoxy Primer is a VOC-free coating designed to offer high-corrosion protection--more than 1,000 hours in the salt spray test with impressive results.
Loads combining case-filling charges of easily ignited propellant in medium-sized cases are usually relatively insensitive to primer choice.
Additionally, a small primer pocket leaves more material intact than a large primer pocket.
A: THANKS FOR YOUR INTEREST IN AND COMMENTS ABOUT MY RECENT column on 6.5 Creedmoor brass and different sizes of primers. I pretty much covered everything I learned in the column, but since writing it, I have found another source for 6mm Creedmoor and 6.5 Creedmoor brass.
Similarly, results of various ex-vitro studies have also revealed that there is no difference in orthodontic bond strength with or without primer use.11-13
Nine primer pairs were successfully designed for the three designated loci with respect to all four selected species (Table 4).
Selectively Blocking the Sequencing Primers. Single-stranded template DNA was hybridized to 10 pmol of the corresponding sequencing primer in 20 [micro]L PyroMark Annealing Buffer at 80[degrees]C for 5 min (ThermoStat[TM] C, Eppendorf).
Since 1988, seasonality and clinical outcomes and numerous different primer pairs have been used to identify HRV; how well these methods perform on new HRV types is uncertain.
First, the primer had to be capable of igniting all blackpowder substitutes at maximum moisture uptake, and the ignition had to be cool enough to minimize or eliminate the fouling ring.