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SOLUTION, civil law. Payment.
     2. By this term, is understood, every species of discharge or liberation, which is called satisfaction, and with which the creditor is satisfied. Dig. 46, 3, 54; Code 8, 43, 17; Inst. 3, 30. This term has rather a reference to the substance of the obligation, than to the numeration or counting of the money. Dig. 50, 16, 176. Vide Discharge of a contract.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The banked blood, 100 mL of plasma and 10 g of 25% albumin were added to CPB circuit to replace the exact volume of the priming solution.
Mannitol 1 g/kg was added into the priming solution. Group IV (n:25 patients) (Controls): No dopamine or mannitol was added into the priming solution and furosemide was given in patients with low urine output.
The requirement of relatively large volumes of local anesthetic as priming solution in the single-injection/catheter technique may be a disadvantage, and the direct catheter technique is preferable if it is essential to restrict dose and level block in special patients.
In both experiments, in order to stop microorganism progresses during the pre-sowing treatment, 0.1% thiram was added into each priming solution. The priming experiments were conducted in an incubator at 15AdegC in darkness.
Days to flowering were also shortest when primed with a solution of -1.1 MPa: although there was no effect of different osmotic potentials on days to maturity, PEG in the priming solution accelerated maturity compared with water alone, from 125 to 120.5 days.
Results of the present investigation with osmopriming of three popular watermelon varieties using four different osmotic solutions showed that the priming solutions regarded as advisable are: potassium nitrate and hydrochloride acid.
The objective of this study was to investigate if incorporation of Pro-Ca into priming solution would improve sweet pepper seed germination and emergence at low temperature (15degC).
For priming, seeds are soaked in solutions of low water potential and are then rinsed thoroughly after removing from the priming solutions (Farooq et al., 2010).
Trend of observed changes in plumule length across priming solution were similar in plumule length and MET.