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(16) What the allegations of primitiveness often miss is also the fact that in these societies animals were not only held responsible and punished for their crimes as human beings were, they were also given the chance to be represented in trials that diligently followed all legal formalities.
For Rousselet, the time-worn visual aids of moon and torchlight and plodding physical exertion produced the otherly splendour of idealized, pan-tropical primitiveness.
But one senses a certain pride in Bishop's primitiveness. While working, briefly, as a writing tutor at a correspondence school she noted that her students had 'one thing common to all their "primitive" writing ...
The first is an active detection technology that mainly uses watermarking technology to ensure the primitiveness of audio files; however, the technology does not delete certain sound bites, making it an unpopular choice [3].
Yet as the above interview makes clear, Mountford's view that Aborigines represented the quintessence of primitiveness was intended as an endorsement.
Insofar as the naturalness of sex difference and masculine (not necessarily male) privilege becomes "common sense," its ideological power then becomes available--through the cultural coding of reason, control, and agency, as masculine, and irrationality, primitiveness, and dependence, as feminine--for "legitimating" other forms of domination (e.g., racism, homophobia, economic exploitation).
The "essence of primitiveness," the Hottentot Venus became "the template through which European cul-ture saw the Hottentot," for the next hundred years.
American imperialists struggled to locate Moros simultaneously within an identifiable and knowable historicist narrative of world, Anglo-Saxon, American, and Islamic history, while never estranging them from the exoticism and primitiveness that defined their imperial value.
Hossack's case in favor of the metaphysical fundamentality and conceptual primitiveness of knowledge proceeds, in large part, by developing analyses of the concepts noted above.
I was told that veiled women are looked down on, because they are thought of as signs of primitiveness. So as a step towards civilization and development, Alhijab is constantly being fought in the Tunisian community.
Laxer then slips into a short apologetics for empire saying that the demise of empire had the effect that "people reverted to more primitive ways," which carries the assumption that empires are better than the previous existing civilization and after them is only primitiveness. Will the world be in a more primitive state with the demise of the American empire (those who know my writing will know my response to this)?
There is a range of primitiveness. Some skills taught are "stone-age," utilizing only bone, antler and stone for all cutting and drilling.