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defined the primitivity of nonnegative tensors (as Definition 1), extended the theory of nonnegative matrices to nonnegative tensors, and proved the convergence of the NQZ method which is an extension of the Collatz method and can be used to find the largest eigenvalue of any nonnegative irreducible tensor.
The concept of primitivity as used in Jung's work specifically is then drawn out in detail, posing it as the opposite of individualization as well as contrasting "childish" vs "primordial" interpretations in different racial contexts.
He said: "It is a kind of primitivity, to arrest someone by bringing a charge of insulting the president, and has no instance in any country of Europe.
I have talked about themes of the body, primitivity, and the spirit in the estimation of Mailer's endorsement of Imamu Amiri Baraka.
Lewis's observations here anticipate Emiko Saldivar's (2014) argument that, instead of dispensing with racial categories and alleviating blackness's stigma and the racing of subaltern and Indigenous populations, mestizaje accommodates a move towards urban modernity in which the perceived poverty, hardship, and primitivity of Indian life gives way to a whiter and wealthier Mexican future.
There is a clear progression, in Humboldt's account, from the primitivity of the forest to the more advanced stage of culture and civilization marked by plowed fields: "In this first zone are felt the preponderance of force, and the abuse of power, which is a necessary consequence.
But the above studies are all limited to knowledge representation and construction of text knowledge elements, and the primitivity and objectivity of knowledge representation should be studied in depth.
Kierkegaard believed that existence should recover its eternal primitivity. 'If we lacked nothing', he noted, 'we should not be overcome with homesickness'.
In her writing on the poetic text, the "maternal space" (Kristeva 1987, 41) as a "semiotic chora" (1984, 25) blasts the static structures of the symbolic with its motility of rhythm, and ruptures and coordinates the dialectics of the signifying process; with regard to the geographic referent of her text, she renders the actual geography of her maternal space only in terms of a failed oedipal primitivity and parochialism.
Synge admired their hard work and moral restraint even as they exhibited symptoms of an imputed wildness and primitivity. Fitzpatrick admits that Synge's account dodges many of the political and cultural problems faced by the islanders including the cultural tourism of which he was himself an agent.
indeed I wonder if posthumanists are willing to go one step beyond a critique of the discourse of "primitivity" by also engaging the knowledge production of those deemed primitive?