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36) Deployed within scopic regimes of imperial power, yet today marked by its supposed primitivity, early cinema itself can thus be figured as both colonizing and colonized.
The question here is: Why are Western intellectuals rational and reasonable when they talk about virtually any topic, yet suddenly submit to their primitivity when they talk about Islam's message and Prophet?
Usually implying paganism, autochthony, primitivity, and blackness, these terms were sometimes deployed as broad racial categories in nineteenth-century anthropology (Ballard 2008:198, n.
To all those who are not informed about the indigenous African customs, culture and traditional practices very often refer to them as signs of backwardness, primitivity, barbaric and outmoded because they consider such practices from a restricted view of their life world (Quan-Baffour, 2008).
According to the National Trust script this was meant to symbolise the driving off and dispersal of primitivity represented by the dancers in the face of civilisation represented by the 'Red Coats'.
The definition of equality carries over to letter-sequences, but the definitions of primitivity and similarity need to be changed: a letter-sequence is primitive unless there is an integer greater than 1 that divides not only two consecutive terms of any number-sequence A that gave rise to it, say [a.