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Mexico and its assumed primitivity have merely operated as a space for the boys to define themselves, rather than the place they simply journey through.
34) But the more significant problem in reading Humboldt's image as an evolutionary progression is the suggestion of the natives' primitivity, which is so clearly ideological.
Kierkegaard believed that existence should recover its eternal primitivity.
In her writing on the poetic text, the "maternal space" (Kristeva 1987, 41) as a "semiotic chora" (1984, 25) blasts the static structures of the symbolic with its motility of rhythm, and ruptures and coordinates the dialectics of the signifying process; with regard to the geographic referent of her text, she renders the actual geography of her maternal space only in terms of a failed oedipal primitivity and parochialism.
However, with its enthusiastic display of carnivalesque spectacle in the amusement park, the characters' intoxicating sensory experience and abrupt tonal and emotional shifting (extreme excitement to sudden frustration and desperation, to abrupt enthusiasm again, also emphasized in Crossroads), Lonesome also exerts a strong inclination of primitivity.
I refer here to the history of its staging in museum displays and world's fairs, in the heart of the imperial endeavor to codify scientific renderings of human society via what Ann McClintock has called "commodity racism" (31) and what Fatimah Tobing Rony provocatively refers to as "fascinating cannibalism" (10), the consumption of images of native primitivity by Western subjects.
36) Deployed within scopic regimes of imperial power, yet today marked by its supposed primitivity, early cinema itself can thus be figured as both colonizing and colonized.
The question here is: Why are Western intellectuals rational and reasonable when they talk about virtually any topic, yet suddenly submit to their primitivity when they talk about Islam's message and Prophet?
Usually implying paganism, autochthony, primitivity, and blackness, these terms were sometimes deployed as broad racial categories in nineteenth-century anthropology (Ballard 2008:198, n.
Indian policy and non-native public discourse from the 1870s to the 1930s can be conceptualized as attempting first to make the Indian an individual and then to seize upon Native primitivity as a means of giving greater regenerative depth to white individuality.
Africa's tragedy was that her leadership believed that, in the global era, the traditional, therefore old and infective economic ways of their own countries had to be substituted for by the neo- liberal ones the same way those of the earlier colonies had been dismantled for their primitivity.