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Eighty people filled the house's four front rooms - two sittings of 40 each - at primly set tables, where they sipped tea from dainty floral tea cups and ate delectables from three-tiered tea towers.
Lynn, meanwhile, primly tucked into a mackerel, beetroot and potato salad, only occasionally stealing chips from me and the lad.
The real "mega millions" are those earned by the state, even if the distribution of some of the revenue is to what they primly call "good causes".
Meanwhile, at the hands of the staff of St Nasty's school and governess Miss Primly Tightclench, the Secret-Past children suffer the worst extremes of Victorian education.
A profusion of love affairs reveal that the heart of the young revolutionary isn't always primly and puritanically devoted to the cause of social justice.
He primly insists of wearing a suit and tie even when the temperature is enough hot enough to melt the metal clasps on his leather briefcase.
She was always primly dressed, her cotton gingham clothing covered in all manner of lovingly hand-shaped bows.
Aromatic Fusion ranks 205, which primly positions the company to launch its first consumer-facing brand, Express Scent.
The abrupt exit felt a little like going to a house party and having to sit primly in the parlour.
The difficulty, of course, in this nature-girl portrayal arises in the final chess-playing scene where she appeared diminished, somewhat subdued, sitting primly at the game board, dressed in a satin court gown, a vibrant character turned wooden symbol.
Well, I can tell you, I'm definitely not going to be a cougar, I'm only interested in older men," she replies primly, and then shouts with laughter.
Klee, especially, might himself have been influenced by textilesAuby the way their patterns extend all across a field, as his abstractions do, rather than sitting primly in the middle.