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Paltrow is primly funny, Jeremy Northam elegantly amusing as her exasperated neighbour.
Primly, or essential hypertension is the most common form of high blood pressure; it has no specific, identifiable cause, although many known risk factors can increase your likelihood of having it.
To the best of our knowledge, only a few Primly category aircraft have been certificated.
Miss Primly, the organist down at the First Reformed Presbyterian, swept by with her nose in the air, holding up her skirts to keep them from being contaminated by the tobacco juice on the boardwalk or the looks and laughter of the men.
In fact, it is the body's primly mechanism for internal homeostasis, restoring normal structure and function to organs, tissues and cells.
(though generally thought less choice) emerging primly in their gowns
This boss I had liked because of her sense of humour and adventure primly informed me that I was going to be issued a list of topics that were seemly to write about, compiled by the Supreme Guide.
Eighty people filled the house's four front rooms - two sittings of 40 each - at primly set tables, where they sipped tea from dainty floral tea cups and ate delectables from three-tiered tea towers.
As the news of the results started rolling in on the internet, all my dim hopes as regards the upholding of artistic accomplishment were buried primly beneath the red carpet.
The spring-summer 2012 show started with the whirring of a film reel and the primly dressed models began sashaying past to the sounds of film classics, their hair swept back in big manes and wearing giant tinted glasses.
She was always primly dressed, her cotton gingham clothing covered in all manner of lovingly hand-shaped bows.
Boys' bits are easy to describe because they're part of our everyday language whereas the words used for girls' bits are either horribly offensive or primly mystifying - and the correct anatomical words found in GCSE biology books are plainly ridiculous for a three-year-old to use.