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Mulamba played the role with proper primness and even a hint of repressed sexiness.
But when they don their politico hat, it's as if they have been hardwired for primness and the most archaic interpretation of propriety.
Sex and scatology are, after all, only barriers to enjoyment if one projects the assumptions of a well-scrubbed urban life and middle-class primness onto one's narrators--but in the pastoral mode pissing will be pissing.
But it was her fiery sensuality in From Here to Eternity that gave the lie to any impression of primness and was the beginning of a number of more passionate roles.
There was an unusual femininity about it; not the femininity of women, nor yet the feminine primness of men; it was more a mingling of what is effeminate in both sexes.
I did feel uncomfortable with a certain primness I often found there, although there were a few gloriously wild women in the Feminist Writers Guild.
In fact one senses beneath their primness an unhealthy obsession with sex.
But both women quickly shed the club's gray primness in favor of flaming orange hair, powder, and rouge, as well as copious amounts of what sounds like kohl, around their eyes.
Add to these qualities, the dryness that appears in many of Immanuel Kant's works and the primness and propriety associated with Prussia, and one gets a picture of Immanuel Kant that is not very appealing and certainly not one that would make one wish to read a detailed story of his life.
Dramatis personae spoke in a prescribed tongue of bland primness, detached from most people's realities'.
What strikes one most is a kind of whitewashed primness, again not so much elegant as dull.