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Add to these qualities, the dryness that appears in many of Immanuel Kant's works and the primness and propriety associated with Prussia, and one gets a picture of Immanuel Kant that is not very appealing and certainly not one that would make one wish to read a detailed story of his life.
Dramatis personae spoke in a prescribed tongue of bland primness, detached from most people's realities'.
What strikes one most is a kind of whitewashed primness, again not so much elegant as dull.
Prints have come forward in oversized motifs and strong colors, while a certain primness has taken hold of the more traditional fabrics, resulting in a cleaner, fresher look.
Again the point is not only difference but similarity: both relationships are characterized by the participants' manoeuvring for positions of dominance, the multiple cynicisms of Kritzer/Dorothy finding an echo in the subtler cynicism of Mobley countered by the puritan primness of Nancy (`You don't want a bride.
The Windsor primness is legendary and too much decolletage will not sit well with The Firm.
Follow a walkway wandering past the clipped-hedge primness of the small swimming pool area and you hardly notice the transition into sparser natural oak- and pine-covered hillsides, where you'll stumble upon quiet retreats for enjoying foothill views or watching deer, birds, and other wildlife.
A shade under 5 feet in height and weighing less than 110 pounds, he was a curious amalgam of cockiness and reticence, courage and primness.
A little less buttoned-down, blow-dried primness might prompt voters to cut members of Congress a little more slack.
Then there's the madness of the Fringe, when almost anything goes alongside the buttoned-up civic primness which even to this day Miss Jean Brodie would endorse and recognise.
Instead of evoking a few decades gone by, Michelle arrived at the Olivier Awards - where she collected the Best Supporting Actress gong for best supporting actress in Tribes - channelling post-war primness.