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Geographical primordiality (and hence legitimacy), in this case, is filtered through the chain of ancestors much like a gene in the cultural DNA.
what distinguishes the other from the self is the primordiality of the
The creators of fiction, "officers of the third world culture" in Rieff's words, must instead persuade people of the commanding primordiality of their creations.
As images of posteriority [ruins] reveal the primordiality of the temporal law dial holds sway over their obsolescence.
The special relationship with the colonial administration thus nurtured a distinct primordiality in a Malayness which was, in the previous centuries, opened, and pluralistic.
In the face of what Nietzsche no doubt suspected would have been the ridicule of academic officialdom, he was willing to argue that the significance of sexuality can exist outside of the zone of the family and social responsibility: it can exist in its own right, as a form of pure pleasure, pure ecstasy, and thus, as a revelatory epistemic connection to the primordiality of life, to the Ur-Eine qua Urlust.
Moreover, this way of formulating the problem, inasmuch as it assumes the primordiality of theoretical consciousness, provides little room for a recognition of the role of pragmatic activity in shaping the way human beings apprehend and speak of reality.
Thus, one must conclude that Marcel does not ever lose phenomenological primordiality.
In other words, chronologically speaking the dualistic strand in Kant's transcendental idealism eventually wins out over its monistic strand connected with the idea of the unity of reason and the absolute primordiality of the transcendental unity of apperception.
Its essential references are to primordiality, nature and exclusion'.
Such audacity becomes, paradoxically, a humble confession of language's limitations before the primordiality of an American reality.
The dwarf's primordiality thus coheres with his identification as the 'earlier, Nature-god' foil to the more psychologically differentiated Wotan; with the chaotic concept which decrees that B flat minor is the fated mate to the chaotic E flat; and with the Roman 'Striding Mars'.