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Geographical primordiality (and hence legitimacy), in this case, is filtered through the chain of ancestors much like a gene in the cultural DNA.
what distinguishes the other from the self is the primordiality of the
The creators of fiction, "officers of the third world culture" in Rieff's words, must instead persuade people of the commanding primordiality of their creations.
Lattas, Andrew (1997), 'Aborigines and Contemporary Australian Nationalism: Primordiality and the Cultural Politics of Otherness', in Gillian Cowlishaw and Barry Morris (eds), Race Matters: Indigenous Australian and 'Our' Society, Aboriginal Studies Press, Canberra, pp.
It is useful to recall here Heidegger's elementary reminder that dis-closedness always and with equal primordiality pertains to the entirety of being-in-the-world, that existential interpretation is characteristically circular, and that locative adverbs offer a signification that may be primarily existential rather than nominal or categorical.
(16) Also marginalized is the primordiality of Helen in the constitution of Hellenic identity--an identity that did not preexist "the beautiful woman" but made up through songs and stories of her heroic capture.
An exchange with the Stovenian philosopher and politician Slavoi Zizek devoted mostly to nationalism includes Zizek's views on the Soros Foundation, the passing of Yugoslavia, film theory as nostalgia for the thirties and forties, and the common illusion of national primordiality found in all European nations.
This corporateness is the condition closest to what is otherwise conceptualized as primordiality. The sociological fluidity associated with modernization means that these conditions are decreasingly met--hence the repeated theme of context and situation in the conceptualization of ethnicity.
Such non-retrograde rhythm, Darbyshire notes, superimposes "eternity" on time, and in this Messiaen--in appealing "to ancient rhythmic principles and the general truths which he believed they contained established a link in his music between science and a primordiality" (33)--is following Aquinas's definition of eternity as "characterized by the absence of consecutiveness (of 'a before and an after')" (Darbyshire, 38).
As images of posteriority [ruins] reveal the primordiality of the temporal law dial holds sway over their obsolescence.' This is unfortunate because Harrison has fine things to say.
The special relationship with the colonial administration thus nurtured a distinct primordiality in a Malayness which was, in the previous centuries, opened, and pluralistic.
In the face of what Nietzsche no doubt suspected would have been the ridicule of academic officialdom, he was willing to argue that the significance of sexuality can exist outside of the zone of the family and social responsibility: it can exist in its own right, as a form of pure pleasure, pure ecstasy, and thus, as a revelatory epistemic connection to the primordiality of life, to the Ur-Eine qua Urlust.