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It is also associated with the Kagyu doctrine of Mahamudra, which holds that the nature of mind and reality is primordially pure, innately clear, and luminous.
Driven by an inclination towards a [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], factical life develops its questions, its "Whys," "in a primordially 'practical' sense.
The psychology of mutual love is based on a gift that is first received from other human beings--parents, spouse, children, friends--and primordially from God.
The designation of Nigeria as a "mere geographic expression" may have stemmed from the flawed colonial lumping together of primordially disparate ethnicities, kingdoms and empires.
Nichols warns that such wordsmithing changes Christian theology itself, and is unfaithful to the New Testament: "[W] e forget the fact that for the Creeds there is something even more primordially true.
Alterations in the rains and the wind remade the valley grades which provided key conduits amongst the shelter water and stores of winter hay disrupting the life course of the first generation of human settlers and their stock alike, (64) The massive immutability in this narrative, however, was fashioned by entrepreneurs who invested prodigiously in the cement barriers erected early and at great cost, (they did not realize for decades how great), on the erroneous assumption that they were harnessing a river like the rivers they knew, carved primordially through resistant Precambrian shield.
The subtext of innate difference--which denotes one group as essentially, primordially, and eternally different--is the key ingredient of otherness (Spivak, 1988).
He is primordially aggressive, and in modern life, motivated, daring and achievement oriented.
There is little more primordially frightening to us than the unknown.
Yet should this past be described as nontemporal--or does it indicate that temporality must not be primordially conceived as chronology?
Attentive to the Summa's exitus/reditus structure, and to its emphasis on the consummate character of Christ, Buckley contends that God, for Aquinas, is "given initially or primordially in his effects, rather than simply inferred from his effects.