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The Primus eCRM Software family provides applications for managing each step of the customer lifecycle and integrating knowledge across customer visits.
Primus eServer is Primus' foundation product for eCRM, offering advanced knowledgebase technology through the Primus Associative Search Engine, workflow management, open APIs, the ability to deliver fast, reliable answers to users, and capture all that information for use by the company in the future.
Primus, who has all of his attendance certificates dating back to kindergarten, says his original goal was just to get through Dunsmore Elementary School with perfect attendance.
In order to get the honor, Primus had to attend every class every day.
Primus Guaranty is a Bermuda company, with the operations of its principal subsidiaries, Primus Financial Products, Primus Asset Management and PRS Trading Strategies, headquartered in New York City.
With the expansion of its business services in the Lower Mainland, PRIMUS Business Services is able to provide small, medium, and large enterprises expertise to manage and colocate IT infrastructure and mission-critical business applications.
With the opening of its Vancouver IDC, PRIMUS Canada is realizing the vision to expand its network of superior colocation services," said A.
Using Veraz's product suite, which includes the ControlSwitch(TM) softswitch and service delivery platform, and the I-Gate 4000(TM) line of media gateways, PRIMUS has been unifying its networks and replacing existing TDM switches.
PRIMUS Telecommunications Group, Incorporated (OTCBB:PRTL) is an integrated communications services provider offering international and domestic voice, voice-over-Internet protocol (VOIP), Internet, wireless, data and hosting services to business and residential retail customers and other carriers located primarily in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and western Europe.
PRIMUS Canada is dedicated to providing Canadians with leading-edge services, features, and greater savings for home phone services," said Rob Warden, Vice President, Marketing, Residential Services, PRIMUS Canada.
Primus Canada's residential local voice offering provides subscribers with full-featured VoIP services on what appears to the subscriber as a traditional local phone service.