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Les medicaments generiques trouvent leur place et doivent etre prescrits au meme titre que les medicaments dits princeps.
Animals serologically analyzed for infection with Borrelia hermsi in 3 locations, Bitterroot Valley, Montana, USA, July 8-September 13, 2013 * Species captured Common name Urocitellus columbianis Columbian ground squirrel Callospermophilus lateralis Golden-mantled ground squirrel Tamias ruficaudus Red-tailed chipmunk Tamias amoenus Yellow-pine chipmunk Tamiasciurus hudsonicus American red squirrel Glaucomys sabrinus Northern flying squirrel Peromyscus maniculatus Deer mouse Zapus princeps Western jumping mouse Total NA No.
The visit, sponsored by Rotary International Rotary and Princeps Consulting in Volgograd, involved meeting pupils from Coventry schools, rehearsals at Coventry University and a second performance at the CBSO Orchestra in Birmingham.
They examine classic antiquity and beyond, intellectual-artist bondings in Germany and in the former Soviet Union, associations beyond Europe, the relation between philosophy and politics in Plato, Strabo as mentioned in the works of Giorgio Pasquali, Petrrarch Cicero's heir as council to the princeps, the avant garde and the state with the example of Vladimir Mayakovsky, and the curious re-institution by the former USSR of two Georgian novels.
Hon yw'r garreg 'Levelinus' neu Llywelyn ac yn ol Coflein (cronfa ddata ar-lein Cofnod Henebion Cenedlaethol Cymru) yr ysgrif arni yw 'IN XRISTO EST PRO HOC LAPIDE IN BAL EM(RYS) FORTITUDINE BRACHI CE(LE) BR(IS) LEWELINUS PRINCEPS NORTH (WALLIE)'.
Additionally, she argues that some of the early printed editions, by De Buxis (editio princeps Rome 1469), Philomathes (Florence 1522) and others, are likewise based on manuscripts that have preserved a genuine tradition and, where divergent from F, are not simply the conjectures of ingenious Renaissance humanists.
Breucus, a ete decurion, princeps de son unite (premier decurion) puis veteran, a la fin du Ier siecle ou au debut du IIe d'apres l'onomastique et le formulaire; a ce dernier titre, il a recu un lot de terres (acceptarius).
The original pagination of the 1710 editio princeps is indicated within the text.
At least 2 of the 3 occurring species lately faced exploitation rates that the populations could not sustain, and a fishing ban for Spondylus calcifer and Spondylus princeps was announced in October 2009.
The present book appeared in 2007, only six years after the editio princeps of the Samaria papyri was published in the Discoveries in the Judaean Desert series (D.
His classification is more elaborate than the twelve "distinctions" (including a gathering of sermons) that Adrian Brielis used to organize the letters in the gargantuan edition printed by Peter Schoeffer in Mainz in 1470, but it must take second place to the twenty-four "tractates" into which Teodoro de' Lelli apportioned the texts in the editio princeps of the letters that appeared in Rome by 1467.
Peel, before he became prime minister for the first time was described as 'facile princeps in the House of Commons.