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A lost inhumation burial, straddling the principal axis in the central part of the site, may also date from this period (Cleal et al.
339 * Abbreviations in parentheses reflect scales that items were originally constructed to comprise: (a) EQ = Existential Questions; (b) OC = Openness to Change; and (c) DP = Doubting as Positive Table 2 Principal Axis Factor Analysis of Spirituality Scales Scale Factor 1 Factor 2 Religious Well-Being .
To accurately plot visual fields, the relative positions of each eye must be known, therefore the principal axis must be determined relative to both its frontal and sagittal planes.
Instead, I used exploratory principal component and iterated principal axis (factor) latent variable extractions, followed by both varimax (orthogonal) and direct oblimin (oblique; gamma = 0) rotations.
For clarifying an effect of extensional deformation on frozen-in orientation, an angle of the principal axis of stress to the FD was numerically analyzed in Fig.
Marking the principal axis that sweeps along the length of the building between north and south entrances, a disappointing 2m high screen divides foyer from secure areas.
The principal axis procedure was used with orthogonal varimax rotation.
The principal Axis I diagnoses for this group included Conduct Disorder (4), Oppositional Defiant Disorder (3), and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (7).

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