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(ii) With respect to the principal axis III, a unidirectional control torque is generated whenever control torques are applied around the principal axes I and II.
Let the projection of the first principal axis [e.sub.1] on the coronal plane (x, y) represent the following vector, whose components are [e.sub.x1] and [e.sub.y1]:
Therefore, [[theta].sub.1] is measured as the angle from the major principal axis of [P.sub.2] to that of T.
The principal axis of the orientation is constant in the vertical scans because of the chosen path (along the central axis through the embossment).
Average Educational attainment is very low for these cities: illiteracy rates are the highest in the sample and the occupied workforce has the lowest levels of years of schooling, as projections over the first principal axis confirm.
The results obtained with Principal Axis Factoring and Confirmatory Factor Analysis showed that the Portuguese NEO-FFI is largely equivalent to the original version (McCrae & Costa, 2004) and further confirms that the five dimensions of personality are present in the Portuguese population.
Project target blob [B.sup.i.sub.t] onto its corresponding principal axis [P.sup.i.sub.t].
In order to check the validity of the constructs and their possible independence, factorial analyses were performed, using the Principal Axis Factoring method and Oblimin rotation, with the items of each scale separately and later with the items of the two scales together.
Using the data from the two major PCs (Figure 1), the FS populations were dispersed into four quadrants where quadrant I included individuals from Ventanas, and it had high values of commercial height, basal area, commercial volume and total volume but low values of straight shape, bifurcation height, principal axis dominance and total height.
--canonical coordinate system X', used principal axis in which the quadric is in standard form [1, Table 3.5-2, 3.5-7];

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