principal backer

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Chief Bode George withdrew on account of what he said was insult on the Yoruba race by Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State, seen as the principal backer of the eventual winner.
Meanwhile, you cannot overstate Iran's influence in Syria - at one time long known throughout the Arab world as "the beating heart of Arab nationalism" - where Iran, along with its Hezbollah proxies, has been, since the 2011 uprising, the principal backer of the regime in Damascus, and in fact its saviour.
His accusations against Assad put him directly at odds with Moscow, the Syrian president's principal backer.
Russia's expanding presence in Syria has come at the expense of Iran, which was Assad's principal backer before Putin.
Iran remains the principal backer of both Syrian President Bashar Assad and the Shiite-led government in Baghdad, making it a leading contributor to the humanitarian tragedy in both countries, where Sunni Arabs comprise the majority of the victims of violence.
The opposition and its principal backer in the region, Saudi Arabia, insist that Bashar al-Assad should step down as part of "political transition," Philip H.
Angara, principal backer of the tax reform bill in the Senate, has been batting for lower tax rates on both corporate and individual income taxes, pointing out that the tax rates in the Philippines are the highest in the Asean and neighboring Asian countries.
Last season the Magpies' principal backer allowed Newcastle United WFC players and sponsors use of their corporate facilities on matchdays, an offer which will be continued into the 2015/16 campaign.
The venture is the principal backer of Warren Beatty's long-gestating film about Howard Hughes, which wrapped three weeks ago.
Iran has been Maliki's principal backer since he took power in 2006, but has reluctantly conceded that he must step aside to save Iraq from implosion.
And he resisted any inclination to discuss who would be the much sought after sponsor for a league that will announce its first fixture list next Wednesday without a principal backer in place.
Analysts said that whatever influence China once had as North Korea's principal backer had waned.

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