principal backer

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Last season the Magpies' principal backer allowed Newcastle United WFC players and sponsors use of their corporate facilities on matchdays, an offer which will be continued into the 2015/16 campaign.
One of the possible outcomes of these discussions was to elect Army Commander Jean Kahwaji as the next President of the Republic, which would satisfy Kahwaji's principal backer, Hezbollah, while re-entrusting the critical premiership to Hariri.
Iran has been Maliki's principal backer since he took power in 2006, but has reluctantly conceded that he must step aside to save Iraq from implosion.
And he resisted any inclination to discuss who would be the much sought after sponsor for a league that will announce its first fixture list next Wednesday without a principal backer in place.
Analysts said that whatever influence China once had as North Korea's principal backer had waned.
The Syrian request that the opposition disarm first would fall short even of what Damascus's principal backer, Russia, has demanded, that both the government and the rebels lay down their arms and withdraw from cities and towns at the same time.
The US, Pakistans principal backer, has decisively turned away from accepting Islamabads arguments.
The Scripps Howard Foundation is the principal backer of the journalism school at historically Black Hampton University, and, in recent years, the foundation has been eyeing ways to boost its support of journalism education at HSIs.
Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), said: "So how will the Administration justify a loan guarantee to a project whose principal backer and beneficiary has just admitted to a multibillion dollar error in judgment about the value of nuclear output in U.
If I am not in error, the principal backer of the Kraft takeover venture is our old friend Royal Bank of Scotland, a business of which we, the British public, are some 84 per cent the major stakeholders.

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