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The principal item I decided to include was a book--a book pointing to all the great tools beyond the box.
Pangilinan added that, "unfortunately, increasing regulatory risks - of which tariff adjustments are the principal item - may eventually degrade the level of (our) services.
El analisis de la dieta global indica que Euphausia mucronata fue el principal item presa, dominando tanto en numero (%N = 79,27), peso (%P = 64,19), frecuencia de ocurrencia (%O = 74,22), como en importancia relativa (%IIR = 92,33).
Over and above this, Hariri and Nasrallah should urge Michel Sleiman to resume the national dialogue sessions, the principal item of discussion being the shielding of Lebanon from regional tremors.
The principal item was approving the appointment of Eileen Dyson-Alexander as Conservation Department assistant 1, combining that post with her current job of Board of Health assistant 2.
Their chat is interrupted by the 10 o'clock news on the TV in the corner in which the principal item is the Prime Minister on Westminster Bridge, threatening to jump into the Thames.
The principal item on the agenda was a presentation by a top official of Metropolitan Life regarding a proposal to substitute federal regulation for state regulation.
The principal item discussed at the 105th meeting of Council was a draft of the ACF's 10 Year Strategy.
But the European Council's response to terrorism - the other principal item on the Brussels Summit agenda - also has a distinctly long-term flavour to it.
This development, concerning related matters, is covered in the Reflections to the report of the principal item.
The rebels have said they want their demand for a republic as the principal item at any peace talks.
And, supported by their burgeoning sea power, tea became a principal item of British commerce.

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