principal point

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Ecrivains, journalistes, diplomates, musiciens, philosophes, historiens, artistes, economistes et patrons d'industrie en feront le principal point de mire de cette semaine de rencontres en debattant de l'avenir des langues en Afrique, des nouvelles voies de diffusion des savoirs et de la litterature en Afrique, des logiques politiques et regionales, des solidarites economiques, de la preservation et de la mise en marche des musiques.
But volume isn't everything, and one of the most effective sections was the Crucifixus, given to the solo soprano as the principal point of meditation.
Just what starting XV Gatland goes with for the first test in Brisbane on June 22 is now the principal point of debate.
Ben Jfar, le principal point d'achoppement reste la question du futur regime politique, les islamistes souhaitant un modele parlementaire tandis que les autres formations reclament un systeme mixte.
We call on the people to demonstrate and express themselves, because the right to demonstrate is a principal point of the plan" of Annan, Burhan Galioun told AFP hours after the truce took effect.
Tyne and Wear Development Company is the principal point of contact for businesses in the region and has been helping local companies and inward investors with their development plans for more than two decades.
The other remaining recommendations include forming a Civil Liberties Oversight Board (approved three years ago but not yet activated); creating a "single, principal point of oversight and review for homeland security" (the Department of Homeland Security currently reports to more than 100 congressional panels), and developing better security procedures for detecting concealed weapons and explosives on - and in - human bodies.
Internal resources or outsourcing is the principal point of discussion.
The twist serves to accentuate the diagonal trajectory of the concrete armatures, creating a sufficient articulation in the rhythm of the main easterly elevation to identify this as the principal point of entry.
Particular aspects of these Bengali intellectuals' views stand out, such as Bhudev's attachment to an aryadharma, defense or an idealized version of caste, choice of the--patriarchal--family rather than the individual as a principal point of reference, areas of convergence and divergence with Auguste Comte's positivist sociology, and--rare among Bengalis--support of Hindi as a link language for national cohesion.
The airport is the principal point of entry for visitors to Makkah and Madinah, peaking in the month of the annual Hajj when KAIA serves almost 4 million pilgrims.
McClean, 40, whose principal point scorers were Cape Blanco, Canford Cliffs and Workforce, had been in pole position for some time.