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In response to Sri Lanka governments request, KOICA extensively analyzed various factors such as status and development potential of oceanic industries and their contribution to the national economy, their forward and backward linkages, the stakeholders interests and the future market expansion as a whole in several feasibility studies, and then prioritized the areas for principal support in accordance with the Sri Lankan governments policies for economic growth, employment creation and increasing the foreign exchange earnings.
In 2014, the New York City Department of Education's Office of Leadership created the New Principal Support (NPS) program to reduce turnover and help experienced principals grow.
The F2 series, which is the principal support category at this weekend's Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, began in 2005.
ScaleUp is their platform and so we encourage feedback from the entrepreneurial community to ensure our content delivers on this promise," added ZoAaAaAeA{ Blakemore, Co-Founder and Principal Support Legal.
Commenting on Omantel's principal support for the annual festival, Hamdan Moosa al Harasi, acting VP corporate strategy unit at Omantel, said, "Salalah Tourism Festival is one of the main international events of the year for Oman's tourism calendar.
In four pairings (A1, B2, B4, B3), the data indicated principal support in the provision of resources, as confirmed by their CF teachers.
Principal support for the Foundation's charitable activities comes from the Interest on Trust Accounts (IOTA) Program implemented by the Florida Supreme Court in 1981.
Tasked with securing two championship titles this year - in the FIA World Rally Championship's principal support series as well as the re-vamped British Rally Championship - the Welsh pairing are benefitting from a range of competitive outings, to which Rally Barbados adds another dimension.
Sam Neale, who notched five fours and a six in his 62-ball 44, provided the principal support while skipper Lee McNeill scooped the bowling honours with a 12-3-27-4 return.
Planning efforts began with a literature review of district, state, and organizational principal support systems and induction programs across the nation.
Principal support for the research was provided by the U.
Linda Cenin, who has joined the company as principal support coordinator, will maintain Maroon's current principal relationships in addition to cultivating relationships with new suppliers.

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