principal thoroughfare

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This latter is one of the principal thoroughfares of the city, and had been very much crowded during the whole day.
Carlo Carli, Carli's 17th-century ancestor, trained as a goldsmith in Belgium before opening his atelier 362 years ago in a former silk-making shop on what was then called Via Pantera " Lucca's principal thoroughfare since the Romans' arrival in 180 BC.
The principal thoroughfare was to be Upper Dean Street, later to be called Grey Street, which would sweep through the Anderson land to join Mosley and Dean streets.
Behind, clambering up the hillside, are the narrow, cobbled lanes of the old town, whose principal thoroughfare, Grand Rue, leads to the 17th century Hotel de Ville (town hall) and the arcaded armory.
The university's heightened sensitivity to security concerns has been generated in large part by the recognition that it is no longer a pastoral preserve for scholarly pursuits; rather, the nearby presence of US Highway 1 - a principal thoroughfare serving the ever-busy New York City to Philadelphia commercial corridor - has "de-ruralized" Princeton and made it host to an increasing number of transients.
The town''s principal thoroughfare and shopping street is High Street.
Colmore Row is the principal thoroughfare of the city's core business and banking sector, where rents have recorded their highest levels.
The site is next to Birmingham coach station and runs between Digbeth's two principal thoroughfares, the High Street and Bradford Street.
The project is to focus on providing Abu Dhabi's waterfront, the city's parks and principal thoroughfares with a range of amenities that will improve the outdoor public environment for residents and visitors.
One Parker Street resident, Mr Saunders, penned an irksome letter in 1875 highlighting an issue with public health: "May I call your attention to a most abominable nuisance which is existing in our principal thoroughfares and which is a source of unpleasantness to the neighbours, besides being detrimental to health; namely the obnoxious gas penetrating from a sewer in the middle of the road through a small grid situated at the corner of Parker Street and Leigh Street.
I was in Jeddah recently, for example, and drove the entire length of the Corniche - among other principal thoroughfares - in search of building sites for the 16 future hotels we had been officially told were confirmed.

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