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My advice to you is not only to be vocal and consistent, but also to be principled in communications about human rights.
In 1992, the Supreme Court of Canada declared that principled reasoning was a "triumph" over "ossified" categories (1) and went on to endorse the principled approach in many areas of Canadian law.
Principled mediation is a mediation philosophy that uses the services of a facilitative mediator to help parties identify their common interests in finding a solution to their dispute.
We will not renounce our national interests and principled position on the key issues.
He said due to his principled stance, he had to face tax scrutiny after every two or three years, but no corruption or tax evasion case had ever been excavated against him.
In Brussels, what he claimed was a principled stand was seen as a childish tantrum.
As long as the Labour party has principled MPs such as Andy Burnham, Steve Rotherham and Rosie Cooper it has a social conscience and a chance to make a difference.
Mark Harper's resignation is seen as a principled matter
While reiterating the principled OIC's position in condemning terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, the Secretary General called for bringing the perpetrators of these terrorist attacks to justice.
The former England footballer and Sky Sports pundit said Neville Neville was a principled man who always told the truth.
I therefore find myself between two feelings or positions in receiving de Wl writings: the first, is to celebrate what I call the rebirth of de Wl, the principled activist, after the abandonment of this identity for about seven/eight years as he notes his first article as he returns to advocate for a holistic national approach to Sudan's multiple crises, with democratization at the centre, supported by the three activism/advocacy principles that he outlines.
Principled selling; how to win more business without selling your soul.

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