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Principled mediation is an alternative to the more typical "positional" method of mediation, where the parties use the mediator to move the parties from two extreme positions toward a compromise in the middle, sometimes called the "mediation dance.
Asked by Orlando Pownall QC, defending: "How principled a person is he, in your experience?
Tovey, a consultant, writer, and speaker in the UK who helps clients implement the principled selling approach, outlines this approach, which salespeople can use to build a more profitable business in a natural and comfortable way for both sellers and buyers.
We've offered principled investing options for more than a decade and have been delighted with the results.
Salehi added, during a program aired by Channel 3 of the Iranian television on Friday, that the principled policy of Iran is to support the countries which constitute the main pillars of the resistance.
CDATA[ Letas balance our principled American concern with the rights of individuals who are presumed innocent until proven guilty against the rights of civilians of all faiths and race to survive.
Bulgaria has stressed its adherence to the principled position of NATO on preserving Kosovo's territorial integrity, according to the speech of the Bulgarian Foreign Minister Nikolay Mladenov at the annual meeting of the Alliance member states' top diplomats.
I come from a real place where you had to be a highly principled person,"
Medvedev reaffirmed the principled position of the Russian Federation
Ed Miliband added: "David was an incredible, warm, funny, principled man.
With the adoption of a more principled approach to accounting standards, the ethical aspect of accountants' professional judgment takes on a greater importance.

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