principles of morality

See: ethics
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In former days," said Golenishtchev, not observing, or not willing to observe, that both Anna and Vronsky wanted to speak, "in former days the free-thinker was a man who had been brought up in ideas of religion, law, and morality, and only through conflict and struggle came to free-thought; but now there has sprung up a new type of born free-thinkers who grow up without even having heard of principles of morality or of religion, of the existence of authorities, who grow up directly in ideas of negation in everything, that is to say, savages.
Listen, captain; is not the man who never swerves from the principles of morality greater than he who transgresses them, even through necessity?
Although it is purely a human issue, but India is very reluctant to this demand thereby violating all the principles of morality and constitution and in this way its claim of being the largest democracy in the world is getting badly exposed,' he said.
He said that the grandeur of Islam in the said era had become possible due to Muslims commitment in equipping themselves with education and strict adherence to the principles of morality.
ISLAMABAD -- First Lady Begum Mehmooda Mamnoon Hussain Thursday said adhering to the principles of morality can save one from many social evils as Islam greatly emphasizes on good conduct and ethics.
The country may be on the cusp of a momentous decision AaAeAeAu whether pursue principles of morality or politics of ideology.
Globally, the anarchical world, where, the powerful determines the direction of action, the principles of morality are compromised.
What is better for a child, a teenager, or a young adult to learn: that his reasoning mind is capable of understanding reality, discovering observation-based principles of morality, and grasping earthly reasons to be honest, just, self-responsible, and rights-respecting--or that his mind is incapable of understanding reality (hence the "need" for faith), incapable of discovering observation-based principles of morality (hence the "need" for divine revelations), and incapable of grasping natural reasons to be virtuous (hence the "need" for supernatural commandments)?
Just as in classic warfare, information warfare sees an aggressor using means far beyond the principles of morality, the rule of law and fair play.
In a message of condolence, the Tunisian President described the two blasts as criminal act which is contrary to the most basic principles of morality and human values, and expressed his country's solidarity with Turkey in confronting terrorism.
In Chapter 7, I examine four rivals to intuitionism, mainly by focusing on their supreme principles of morality.
For him or her, the basic principles of morality have become a futile prescription to a symptom, for they do not address the root cause of the problem.

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