principles of morality

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In former days," said Golenishtchev, not observing, or not willing to observe, that both Anna and Vronsky wanted to speak, "in former days the free-thinker was a man who had been brought up in ideas of religion, law, and morality, and only through conflict and struggle came to free-thought; but now there has sprung up a new type of born free-thinkers who grow up without even having heard of principles of morality or of religion, of the existence of authorities, who grow up directly in ideas of negation in everything, that is to say, savages.
Listen, captain; is not the man who never swerves from the principles of morality greater than he who transgresses them, even through necessity?
In a message of condolence, the Tunisian President described the two blasts as criminal act which is contrary to the most basic principles of morality and human values, and expressed his country's solidarity with Turkey in confronting terrorism.
If her leaders had joined the fray with resolution and courage by mobilising the faithful around the principles of morality, and faith, the result would have been different.
The minister said a person, who portrayed himself as future Prime Minster, was devoid of principles of morality.
Such policies have never worked to promote human flourishing in all of history and cannot work because they deny the foundational principles of morality and economics.
It is in these natural emergencies, I think, that the basic principles of morality remain the same, as Rand says in the passage from "The Ethics of Emergencies," but their application may deviate from the norm.
Professional ethics are the set of principles of morality and common ethics, which all journalists are subject to.
What sets it apart, moreover, is its sustained and impressive examination of how society, and especially its military personnel and government officials need moral education so that they know and understand the principles of morality in general and those relating to the conduct of war in particular' (131).
The church also wants to raise people on principles of morality and values, and so abolishing religious education "would be the worst thing parents could suggest for their children".
The first principles of morality, far from being capricious, perfectly embody God's perfection.
Those arguments are important for a short while, because they touch on important principles of morality, law, practicality and historical precedence that implies future consequences.

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